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10 Reasons to Have Irish Twins (or Triplets!)

Written by Melissa Robertson

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Having two under two could be the best decision you ever make

If you are holding a baby and a positive pregnancy test, this post is for you. Whether you intended to expand your family quickly or a slip-up has sidetracked your plans, the fact of the matter is you are about to enter into a territory I know very well. After all, I had three babies in 30 months and have lived to tell the tale. Actually, I think there are about a million reasons why it worked out well for our family. Here are my top 10 to calm you down–especially if you’re questioning your sanity.

10. You get rid of the gear sooner– Babies come with a lot of stuff. Your living room goes from a relaxing adult space to looking like Babies R Us in the span of nine months. Having your babies close in age means that you get to go through this stage quicker. You never get that moment of reprieve when the playpen gets packed away and the highchair is no longer needed and instead accept the chaos around you for the next few years.

9. You don’t sleep anyway-Having a baby means that you are used to getting your sleep interrupted. Rather than having your system shocked by the introduction of a newborn after years of blissful slumber, having two super close means business as usual in the sleep department. You could even luck out and get the two of them on the same napping schedule. #momwin.

8. Your baby clothes never got a chance to go out of style-Having three girls back-to-back meant that not only were they able to share clothes, but the trends didn’t really change in the short period they were passed from kid to kid. I also didn’t get a chance to lose the box of newborn clothes in the basement, since they barely made their way out of the drawer before they were needed again.

7. You are probably still wearing your maternity clothes -Let’s face it, maternity clothes are not only comfortable but also super flattering for your leftover mommy pouch. Here is a great reason to keep rocking those mama jeans and super comfy shirts for another nine months (or more).

6. You never leave the house as it is. Your social life probably went down the toilet around the time you stopped getting any R.E.M. sleep, so why not continue to rock your Netflix and chill Friday nights with another little one in tow?

5. You can get through the diaper stage quicker. While changing diapers is not anyone’s favourite chore, when you’re already wrist-deep in baby poop, another bum isn’t that big of a deal. You haven’t yet gotten to the stage where you can leave the house sans diaper bag and you could even aim to potty train two kids at once.

4. They are into all the same toys. With three girls comes a lot of stuff, but the fact is my girls love to play with each other. Having a sibling close in age means that they all like to play with much of the same toys at the same time. So I have one dollhouse loved by three girls, a bucket of pulled apart Lego sets and about a million naked Barbies that live in my playroom. With an abundance of things to keep their interest and two built-in best friends, my husband and I get a chance to catch our breath.

3. They are interested in the same things. When we go to the movies as a family, my children all want to see the same G-rated cartoon. I don’t have a surly older child complaining that the film we are about to see as a family will be boring. In fact, I am that surly addition that hates the kid movie. Luckily for me, I have a husband who will fly solo with all three kids so I get a break and he gets his fill of movie theatre popcorn.

2. Staying home makes more sense. When we made the decision as a family to have our children close in age, it also helped to justify my decision to stay home with the kids. I did short stints back to work between each baby, but with three at home under three, my last baby also meant my transition to stay home full-time. Financially, putting three children in daycare didn’t make any sense, and for me, it meant getting to stay home with my babies. I got to raise my girls until they were in school with less guilt for not working outside the home.

1. Your kids will be close. Now this one is obviously not guaranteed. In fact, my oldest and my middle daughter will go from loving each other to hating each other a million times a day. My girls are also growing up sharing friends, sleepovers, and experiences. They have two built-in best friends to grow up with no matter where life may take them.

So what do you think PLNers? How close are your kids? Let us know in the comments if you plan to have your children close together, have one and done or leave lots of room while growing your brood?


*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.