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7 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts Your Kids Want!

Written by Alanna Schiffer

At this point in December, you’ve probably already smugly patted yourself on your back for getting so much shopping done online. Good for you! But wait … what about your cousin’s twins? Your coworker’s son? Your difficult-to-buy-for niece whose interests are so obscure you can barely keep up?

Take a breath. Then take a look at these ideas from EB Games. Of course, EB Games has an extensive and comprehensive selection of games for all different gaming platforms and systems, but did you know they also have toys and collectibles for kids of all ages? Here are our top picks!

7. Fortnite loot

I don’t know what it is either, but they’ve got you covered from toys, all the way to t-shirts. There’s a Llama one, and a Dinoguy. Bound to please the older kids in your life who are always doing that weird dance.

6. Lego

Whatever your fandom, there’s a Lego set for you. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, and more! Keeps ‘em busy for hours. Days, even, if you take away the instructions. Ha.

5. Home Alone Board Game

The classic Christmas movie in interactive, competitive form! The perfect game for the family with a sense of humour, or just an affinity for Macaulay Culkin – I can only assume hilarity will ensue.

4. Pomsies

They’re like fluffy Fingerlings for your wrist! Catlike sensibilities with none of the allergy worries; Hatchimal-style lovability with less up-front investment.

3. Tamagotchi

The original cyber-pet is back. Nostalgia for you, and the joy of watching your little one nurture something made out of pixels.

2. Polly Pocket Tiny Flamingo World

Flamingos are kind of having a moment right now, and the Polly Pocket of your childhood has returned for a day in the sun. If you can find her!

1. LOL Bigger Surprise Ball

Life is like an LOL Surprise; you never know what you’re gonna get. You have to admit, the appeal of surprise toys is pretty undeniable. Everyone in my house (under the age of 34) loves LOL dolls – they’re cute, sparkly, and infinitely collectible. Literally. They’re never going to stop making these.


Happy holidays, and remember, you can join the EB Edge Loyalty Program for everyday rewards and benefits – or go Platinum for 10% off toys, collectibles, pre-played games, apparel, and more!

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.