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Toronto, Canada

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A Simple App to Organize Your Barrage of Loyalty Cards and Receipts

Written by Kim Quinlan

Last week, I went to the mall with my kids, and it was a total fail.

When buying my kids books, I didn’t use my loyalty card, because I couldn’t find it. When I was returning clothes that turned out to not fit them, I couldn’t find the receipt. When I went to reward myself with a much needed coffee, I couldn’t find my gift card. The real kicker—it wasn’t that I had just forgotten any of my cards at home (the receipt I just flat out lost), they were buried in my wallet under two dozen other cards, and I just couldn’t find them.

That’s why I downloaded UGO Wallet.

The app simplifies your life by allowing you to add your cards on to your iPhone or Android smartphone**. Instead of constantly carrying around 1,346 (rough estimate) cards, you can load your loyalty, membership, and gift cards onto UGO Wallet.

It’s incredibly simple to load a card onto the app. You can add gift cards to your smartphone simply by scanning the barcode or just keying in the number manually.

It also helps to keep your receipts organized and easy to find. You just snap a picture of your receipts to store them in your UGO Wallet (never not have a receipt when you want to return something again*).

But here’s the really great part. Right now, you could win $5,000 through our PLN contest by downloading and entering our contest on your smartphone!

So just to clarify, no more having to carry a gazillion cards or receipts AND a chance to win $5,000!

No more mall fails.

*Pro Tip: While UGO Wallet helps lighten the load on your wallet, you should keep your paper copy of receipts just in case you need them. Some merchants may not accept a digitized receipt for returns or exchanges. You should still keep your plastic cards tucked in a drawer somewhere–you never know when you might need them! **UGO Wallet has minimum OS requirements and cannot be downloaded on jailbroken phones.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.