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Back to School Self-care for Your Family in Three Easy Steps!

Written by Jennifer Traynor

Returning to school often means returning to a daily routine your family possibly put on hiatus for the summer. There’s no doubt getting back into the school routine may be challenging, but some simple steps the entire family can take to make the transition easier.

When you’re going from the casual, laid-back days of summer, to the frantic mode of getting the kids to school before the bell rings; it can feel a little overwhelming for everyone.

Here are our top three tips of how families can feel a little calmer settling into the back-to-school routine.

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep. Bedtimes may have been a bit more relaxed during the summer so make sure to re-adjust those times to suit the back-to-school routine. Your children may struggle to get to bed earlier again so you may need to practice a little patience. Before you know it, though, the long school days will be tiring them out and bedtime, hopefully, won’t be a challenge. Parents, remember that a restful night is important for you too. So while you may use the time after the kids are in bed to take a break for yourself, make sure to still get to bed at a decent hour.

Unplug and unwind. When family life is always go-go-go you need some time to slow down. Your children have been in the classroom all day and you’ve been working, so the evening is usually when you can all be together before going to sleep and starting your hectic routine all over again. Take a break before the kids go to bed to relax together.

While this might typically look like snuggling on the couch to watch some TV,

challenge yourselves to have this time together to be away from a screen. Instead, why not curl up on the couch to chat about each other’s day, or snuggle in bed reading some books?

Whatever you choose, pick a comfortable, quiet spot. Not only will you feel the stress of your day melt away, but this will likely help you get to sleep better.

Eat well. I don’t know about your family but in my household, a hectic routine can sometimes lead to bad eating habits. Planning is key. Make sure to plan out your weekly meals and have all the ingredients on-hand (bonus points if you can get meal prep done ahead of time).

Try a whiteboard in your kitchen to meal plan your week in advance. If you have to resort to quick snacks on-the-go or a meal you can whip together in a pinch, try to have healthy options available so that everyone in the family fuels up with foods that will give them energy, rather than a sugar crash.

What are your family self-care tips for an easier transition into the back-to-school routine? Share them in the comments below!


*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.