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Be Happy to Make Homemade Purees With Babymoov

Written by Jennifer Traynor

Who knew making homemade baby food could be so easy? With this brilliant little machine from Babymoov making purees at home is a breeze.

When my firstborn was starting solids I wanted to try my hand at making homemade baby food. I had even participated in a homemade baby food swap with the mamas in the mom and baby group I had joined. While I liked the idea of giving my baby boy homemade purees, the work involved was just too much for me, not to mention all the dishes! There was chopping, steaming, blending, dividing, storing, thawing, warming and finally feeding, which often times he just spit out anyway.

So I gave up on the idea. Besides, he took to store-bought, jarred baby food pretty well and it was more convenient for me. When my daughter came along, I decided against trying to make homemade baby food again and stuck with the convenience of the jars and pouches available at the store.

Then recently I saw the Babymoov Nutribaby 5-in-1 baby food maker and I couldn’t help but think that I wish I’d had this when my kids were babies. Perhaps I wouldn’t have given up on the idea of making homemade baby purees.

This baby food maker has two compartments for steaming and a separate blender all in one machine. Its large capacity allows you to make approximately 25 servings of baby food in just minutes. Not only can it defrost and warm up already prepared purees, but it can also serve as a bottle warmer and sterilizer. And cleaning it is easy with components that are dishwasher safe.

The Babymoov Nutribaby definitely would have allowed making homemade baby food much easier for me, and I’m sure it would for you too.


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