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Dear Mom, You Are Enough

Written by Aneta Alaei
mom self care

A love letter to you, fellow mamas.

You should know that you will never be a perfect mom. You will never do everything right. Heck, you may be screwing up right now by reading this post while your kid is smearing diaper cream all over the TV.

But know that you are enough.

You will never stop trying to be better. Gosh, you will spend most nights laying awake at night wondering how you could have been a better parent that day.

But you were enough.

There will be times when your temper will flare and your fuse will be short. You may say things you didn’t mean and question yourself.

You are enough.

There will be hard days, so many of them. Days that are filled with tantrums, outbursts, and tears—from you and your kids. You will feel broken.

You are enough.

During the blowouts, the moments when the projectile vomit hits new heights, and the colic that won’t stop.

You are enough.

When you are on day three of wearing the same pyjamas, and don’t remember when you had your last shower.

You are still enough.

In those moments when you choose to feed your kids Kraft Dinner instead of a healthy meal that they won’t eat.

You are enough.

When you are cleaning up scraped knees, icing bumps on the head, and mending broken hearts that are not your own.

You are enough.

For those days when you finally buy yourself the new shirt/pants/mascara you have been putting back for months because the kids needed something. Don’t make excuses.

They have enough.

There are a million times and ways that we can be made to feel inadequate in this parenting journey. The odds of having a perfect day are probably one in a billion. Find comfort in the fact that you are very much enough.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.