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Dinner designed for busy parents

Written by Pete McGovern

Discover how delivered meals from MissFresh can be your saving grace.

Part of being a parent means always being busy. It usually feels like having nice meals is one of the things that gets left behind to make up for everything else. It feels like every day you’re having to skip lunch to make sure you’re leaving work early enough to get to daycare before they close.

And don’t even get me started about dinner. Planning and preparing new recipes used to be fun, and now it’s the most tiring chore imaginable. For the busy parent, MissFresh is the perfect solution.

These aren’t some mystery meat frozen meals for the family, you get real, fresh ingredients delivered to you that you prepare yourself with MissFresh’s easy-to-follow recipes. You know exactly what you’re getting and with dishes changing every week, you’ll always have new meals to enjoy.

There’s no shopping, no waiting (everything takes less than 30 minutes), and no complaining (since you pick the meals a week in advance). You’ve got the locally-sourced fresh preportioned ingredients and the easy instructions conveniently packaged and ready to cook.

Even better, you can skip any week or cancel whenever you want with no penalty. Going to the cottage? No problem, start it up again in a week. Even better, as someone who hates throwing out extra food, I love how perfectly portioned everything is. The whole package (including the box everything comes in) is designed to minimize waste. That means the food perfectly portioned and the packaging is completely recyclable.

For the parent who works, watches the kids, or has to do both, MissFresh is a real lifesaver. Even the price tag is perfect for big families. You can easily be looking at under $10 a portion.

If you want to try out a week of MissFresh meals, use our promo code PLN35 and you’ll get $35 off your first week. That means you could get 2 meals for your family of 4 for just $43. Good luck getting that much fresh, healthy, and easy-to-prepare food anywhere else.

And don’t forget that if you like this, you’ll love winning a whole year’s worth of meals from MissFresh in Canada’s Luckiest Baby. Make sure you’ve opted into that prize if you want tasty meals delivered right to your door.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.