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Drop-Ins for the Win! My New Favourite Way to Save Time and Money (Plus Chance to Win $250 Playtex Bundle)

Written by Alanna Schiffer

One thing nobody tells you when you’re having your first baby is: it’s okay to make things easier on yourself. This notion didn’t dawn on me until my third baby, when I realized I’d been overlooking a plethora of perfectly cuttable corners. I came up with the perfect plan—breastfeed at night and supplement with formula during the day so I could hand baby Emily off to someone else and catch up on sleep without having to factor in pumping time (not a fan of pumping!).

I used a combination of those ready-nursers and a Baby Brezza formula dispenser. When I discovered Playtex® Nurser with Drop-Ins® Liners though, I was amazed to realize I could save time on something I’d thought was basically a fixed cost: washing bottles. Whaaaat?!

Turns out, Playtex® Nurser with Drop-Ins® Liners have been around for ages. Parents like them because their design mimics the breast—the liner contracts as your baby drinks (anyone who’s ever breastfed knows what I’m talking about). And this means less opportunity for your baby to swallow air. The bottles are also articulated; you can click the joint to angle them just like the VentAire kind, which I like. It encourages you to feed at an angle that’s comfortable for everyone.

Then offer it to your baby (feel free to offer on a silver plate) who will promptly drink only half of the bottle and fall asleep.


The liners come in a pre-sterilized and pre-formed pack (I suspect old-school bottle liners were considerably more fiddly). So you literally just… well… drop them into the bottle. Fill with your choice of delicious, nutritious, baby-sustaining beverage, then pop on the nipple and give the liner a little squeeze to remove any air. Then offer it to your baby (feel free to offer on a silver plate) who will promptly drink only half of the bottle and fall asleep. Then somehow you will leave the bottle sitting on top of your Diaper Genie for six hours. That’s okay, because when you get around to dumping it, you can just toss the liner (and your cares!) away. Playtex® Nurser with Drop-Ins® Liners save you both time and energy when those two things are in precious short supply.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Drop-Ins for the win!

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Photography by Ryan Bolton.

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