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Pardon Me, But Have You Seen My Brain?

Written by Julie Jensen
where is my brain

The wisdom I have now after becoming a parent far surpasses any that I had before. There is a deeper purpose in my life that I hadn’t previously felt. I’ve also become more inspired and empathetic to others’ circumstances than I ever thought possible. Sometimes though, I feel the need to stop and ask those passing by, “Pardon me, but have you seen my brain?”

Truth be told, I was a little ditzy before. But now?! Wow. Just. Wow. Here are just a few of my silly moments I’ve had during my parenting career:

  • I’ve put on two different shoes and walked out my door. One was red and pointy and the other was light blue, with a round toe bow. Thankfully, as I walked down my garage steps I at least looked down at my feet to notice and got a matched set on.
  • I’ve put my baby boy in my toddler’s front facing car seat as my toddler yelled at me. I calmly kept saying “No, I’m putting him in first, then you.” I continued trying to strap him in more snug with her yelling at me from behind. “Why are these straps so loose?!” It finally hit me that this was not his car seat and that my two-year-old was telling me it.
  • I’ve left my groceries at the till and pushed the cart all the way to my vehicle, started to place my kids in their seats, and then finally noticed. But, I’ve never done this at Costco. Love my Costco. Any place that puts your groceries in your cart for you gives me such a sense of dignity.

Not sure if I’m rocking parenthood or parenthood is rocking me, but I’m loving it regardless.

  • One night while herding my daughter to her bedroom where my husband was for family prayer, I leant over to my baby, who was on my hip, and gave him a kiss… Soon to realize from the stiff fur on my lips that it was NOT my baby, but my daughter’s moose stuffy. My baby was with his Daddy the whole time as I was carrying this stuffed animal like a baby on my hip.
  • I’ve taken my boy, sat him on my lap, and started to pull out the elastic to put his hair in a ponytail. Wrong child.
  • I’ve put two different beaters in my hand mixer, mangling the one severely. Rinsed the beaters, placed in dishwasher, and unloaded them. Finally hours later, I realized one was mangled, and it was totally my fault.
  • I’ve pressed the fridge water dispenser with my finger while holding an empty water bottle in my other hand. Leaving splashes of water all over my arm and floor.
  • I’ve gotten everything ready to head out the door but realized I forgot to brush my teeth. I quickly went into my bathroom to brush, but instead found myself wiping off all my makeup on accident instead.

Not sure if I’m rocking parenthood or parenthood is rocking me, but I’m loving it regardless.

Selfishly, I truly hope there are others who can relate. Please raise your hand for me and let me know what “mom brain” has done to you.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.