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Journaling Your Pregnancy, First Year and Beyond

Written by Kassy Scott

There is nothing I love more than to spend an afternoon browsing through old photo albums. It doesn’t happen often, but I think that’s the best part. Sometimes years will go by without looking and then all of a sudden – there they are. Books full of prints that are super fragile, dusty beyond belief, stained with discolour and wonderfully tacky with age. Why do we keep these awkward beauties hidden away?

Everyone has that one haunting photo. It’s the picture that you prayed would never resurface. You probably burned it in a fire, but for some reason, your parents made multiples and gave it to every aunt on both sides of the family. Trust me, I know the agony. But today I want to celebrate and thank my parents for building up such a beautiful collection for me to reminisce in. What an incredible keepsake.

I found a scrapbook photo journal that my Mom had kept while she was pregnant with me. It stretched out all the way through the first year of my life. Looking at photos, reading her words and feeling her emotion sparked a fire deep within my soul. It has inspired a creative project that I’ve dedicated to my daughter, Isabel.

I documented my entire pregnancy through a photo journal called “The Belly Book”. Three whole trimesters of memories for my daughter to read about! Each week has a coordinating photo that I pulled from either my Facebook or Instagram account. If you are a creative person I would highly recommend an interactive pregnancy book. There are lots to choose from and the end result is priceless.

The next generation of kids will look at polaroids and printed photos with raised eyebrows. Just imagine the progression of technology! Many parents store photos online instead of taking the time to get them developed. There will be less paper and more hard drives. I have nothing against this as it is super eco-friendly, but on the other hand – having a hard copy feels so much more valuable. I want my daughter to feel the way I feel when I look at my childhood photos in laughter and remorse. I want her to feel the pages and physically recognize the history they have.


As soon as my pregnancy book was complete I started a new one titled “The First Year.” Each month I select the best photos to use. I pick the most embarrassing ones on purpose and I know one day she will roll her eyes and beg me for answers. That moment will feel so fulfilling for me. It’s the most exciting project I’ve ever started and it has completely opened me up to the craziness that we call parenthood.

Since beginning these books I have felt even more compelled to take a photo a day. I’m always waiting for the perfect moment to whip out my camera and embarrass my kid. Obviously, this creative adventure isn’t for everyone, but it’s a fun idea for those that are looking for something expressive to work on. I have a new found respect for my childhood albums. They are my treasure and my inspiration. Photo books like these deserve a spot on the bookshelves instead of a home under the stairs!

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*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.