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4 Ideas on What to Buy Your Kids for the Holidays

Written by Ashley Mullen

We want to give our kids all the things in they want in the world, every toy, all the great clothing, etc. But finically it just can’t happen, plus, do your kids really need everything? Even if you could afford it?

What Should Your Buy Your Kids for Christmas?

Something They Can Wear
Every year I get a new pair of pyjamas for each of my kid, because they are always stretching out of theirs faster than I can keep up. They also get new undies and socks, and usually a new outfit. Things that I know they are going to use.
Something to Read
I buy books for my kids at any opportunity, I encourage reading at all times. I like to buy them books that they are interested in whether it be about bugs or dinosaurs, or about fairy princesses. Books won’t be outgrown in a couple months or discarded and for that reason we always give more.
Something They Need
This can be anything. If you ask your child, depending on their age, it could be that they feel they need a certain toy, or like my kids sometimes, new markers. Maybe they need a new lamp for their bedroom, or a comforter for their bed. It’s something for them but perhaps not something they can play with or read. Most kids will not ask for this gift unless given the chance because they would rather toys, but given the chance they will let you know.
Something They Want
My kids get to ask for one thing from Santa, there isn’t really a price limit per se, but this momma can always figure out a way to make it happen.  The most expensive I’ve gone has been an electric guitar, and I think that Santa will be making another this year.

The holidays are about making memories and spending time with family.

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