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Life Insurance: Explain It to Me Like I’m Five

Written by Alanna Schiffer

You may be wondering why something as dry as life insurance is kind of a hot topic among new parents–does having a baby really grow you up that fast?

Yeah, it does. You’ve got more to protect than you ever have before. Sun Life Financial agrees–here are their three reasons why now is the perfect time to invest in life insurance.

1. Someone you love is depending on you.

2. The longer you wait, the more it could cost, since the cost is partly based on your age and health.

3. It’s easier than you think, with Sun Life Go.

It’s true that figuring it out can be intimidating, but once you get started, it makes a lot of sense. Any time I encounter an aspect of adult life that makes my brain go, “Nooooo … I don’t understand or enjoy thinking about that …” I get my information, then sit down and force myself to pretend like I’m explaining it to a five-year-old. (I spend enough time explaining things at kid-level anyway.) It’s important not to over-complicate. So, brain, put down that light-up yo-yo and let’s talk life insurance.

Life insurance is when you agree to pay money to a company every month. In exchange, that company promises to give lots of money to the people you love when you die so they will be taken care of. There are different kinds of life insurance depending on how much you want to pay the company every month (your premiums), and how much you want the company to pay out when you die (your coverage).

Whole Life: You pay a monthly premium, and then your life insurance is like a valuable thing you own. You can take money out of it, almost like a bank account, if you want, or borrow against it, meaning someone lends you money for a while and if you don’t pay the money back, they take your valuable thing.

Term Life: You decide how many years you want to have the policy for–say, 20–and how much coverage. You pay less money for your premium every month than you would for a whole life policy. If you die while you have the policy, the company pays your loved ones the amount they agreed to. More people do term life, because you don’t have to pay as much per year, but you still have the safety of knowing your family will get money if you die.

Simplified Life: Sun Life Go has this nice in-between option. This means you decide your coverage, and you pay your premiums (which are not as expensive as Whole Life premiums, but probably not as cheap as Term Life), and then after ten years your premium goes up when you renew your policy. So that’s easier for a lot of people.

Well, that pretty much covers it. (Thank you for listening to that, brain. Here’s a kitten video as a reward.)

You already know how important life insurance is, and with Sun Life Financial’s range of policy options and competitive premiums to meet your changing needs, the only thing left to do is click the button below to get started.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.