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My Favourite Money-$aving Shopping Trick for Parents

Written by Alanna Schiffer

Not going to beat around the bush here, people, time is money — my favourite money-saving shopping trick for parents is … Amazon Prime. I know, it’s not really a trick, it’s just a subscription service. But it’s life-changing! 

“Don’t you have to pay an annual fee for that? How does that save you money?” you ask. Hear me out. There is indeed a fee, which is currently $79 per year. Do I save a whole lot more than $79 a year? Absolutely. And I don’t know anyone who hasn’t found that Prime membership pays for itself within a couple of months. With their Subscribe & Save feature, you can automatically save between 5% and 15% on the things you buy most often (*ahem* DIAPERS *ahem*). And they get delivered right to your door. We use Subscribe & Save for things like cereal, toilet paper, DIAPERS, WIPES, cleaning supplies … but hey, maybe you’re a household that buys a whole lot of parmesan cheese? You can Subscribe & Save that. (Okay, we’re that family. We call it sprinkle cheese.)

Our deal-hunting experts in our “What’s The Big Deal?” Facebook group love to scour Amazon for the absolute best deals, so make sure you’ve joined to follow along and shop with us as Prime Day deals appear!

It’s kind of adorable how excited my kids get about Amazon delivery days. Not only do they get to help me open up the boxes (and put things away in the cupboards, please!), they get to play with the bubble wrap and make spaceships out of the cardboard when we’re done. There you go, kids. Free toys. (All spaceships get recycled after one week. Strict policy.)

And when they’re done playing with the boxes, there’s always Prime Video — it’s included as part of your Amazon Prime membership. Also included: free prenatal vitamins when you create a baby registry. You know, it’s almost like Amazon Prime was specifically designed for busy young families. And almost like this isn’t a super-secret life hack that I just discovered all on my own … well, that doesn’t make it any less valuable. You’ll see.

There’s never been a better time to join Amazon Prime, because Prime Day is July 15th and 16th. (Yes, it’s a day that lasts two days.) And that means your membership will reward you right away with the best savings of the year. You can even try out Prime for free! Just click “Try Prime” and start saving money like a boss.


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