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Nursing In Public. It’s No Coincidence The Acronym Is “NIP”

Written by Jessi McAlpine

There’s been quite the hullabaloo on the PLN Facebook group lately about breastfeeding in public.

It can make a lot of people feel uncomfortable; both to see it happening and to be the one doing it. (You know what else makes people feel uncomfortable? Screaming hungry babies. Moms can’t win, here.)

Some moms choose to avoid the situation entirely by pumping and bottle feeding when they are out (though they may get stares from people who think they’re formula feeding – it’s hard to predict what Judgey McJudgerson is going to judge you for today), some choose to use a nursing cover, and some choose to feed anywhere, anytime – cover be damned.

What’s important here is that each nursing mom is free to make this choice for herself (okay, maybe her baby has made it for her by refusing to be covered or take a bottle).

Other people don’t have to agree with your choice, but we are super lucky that we live somewhere that they have to respect it. The right to breastfeed, anywhere you are legally allowed to be, is protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Go Canada!

So, nursing mamas (and nursing mama supporters), go forth and feel confident in the choice you’ve made. Brush off the awkward stares and comments from others for what they are: just some haters hating, yo.

On that note, let’s remember this important fact: Boobs are everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Here are a few you can’t really argue with:

“That squirrel better stay right where it is. I am totally going to get that squirrel. Just as soon as I get these darn kids fed.”

“If only they made a nursing cover big enough for all of my piglets.”

“How do you even find it under all that wool?”

Photos courtesy of Pixabay

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.