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Pizza: It’s the Circle of Life (At Least for My Family)

Written by Alanna Schiffer

As you may remember from previous blog posts, I like to make things easy on myself. Some people might call this laziness. I call it “surviving the early years.” When you have small children, making dinner is hard. Everyone looks forward to pizza night, but I especially look forward to pizza night—it’s basically a tiny vacation. And the best part about this tiny vacation is obviously the food.

I especially look forward to pizza night—it’s basically a tiny vacation.

We love Domino’s because it’s a guaranteed dinnertime hit. We all devour the cheesy garlic fingers and parmesan bites. (I am writing this at 9 a.m. and I could totally go for some parmesan bites right now.) The kids can get their pepperoni and just-one-vegetable-please-just-choose-any-one-vegetable-and-that’s-it; the baby can gnaw on the crust till the cows come home (where did those cows go, anyway?) or maybe enjoy one of their yummy pasta sides; husband can get his sausage-and-hot-pepper situation; and I can get my chicken wings.

I need my chicken wings.

I could pretend that Domino’s chicken wings were a pregnancy craving that just never went away, but in reality, they’ve been a lifelong passion, sustaining me through university, travel abroad, and many a late-night dinner after the kids have gone to bed. I like to alternate through BBQ, honey garlic, hot, and the exotic mango habanero, depending on my mood. The key here is the Ranch cup: no matter what wing sauce you get, a Ranch cup is the perfect complement. Some like to pour it right over the wings. I’m more of a dunking type. What does that say about me? Probably that I read too much into the psychology of chicken wings.

Like I said—everyone looks forward to pizza night, but I look forward to Domino’s for all kinds of delicious reasons.

What’s your family’s favourite pizza dish? Does it include chicken wings? Does your family like to share? I could go for a chicken wing right now.

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