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Ready, Set, Baby: Hospital Bag Essentials

Written by Christine Tassé

Welcome to the ultimate guide on what to pack in your hospital bag for the biggest event of your life – the birth of your tiny human! Yes, that’s right, I am here to ensure you’re armed and ready for the battlefield of labor and delivery. As someone who has triumphed through the labour and delivery process twice… I know a thing or two when it comes to packing for the hospital. While baby may not require much during your hospital stay, it’s crucial for you to have all the essential items to ensure your own comfort and well-being. So grab your snacks, pull up your maternity pants (or just let them hang loose, I won’t judge), and let’s dive into hospital bag essentials!

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Nursing Bra

Whatever your feeding choice is, closeness to baby is essential. Breastfeeding, skin-to-skin… this nursing bra keeps you covered up while keeping baby close.

Postpartum Underwear

The intimates you haven’t not consider, but you definitely should! Adult diapers came as a surprise to me until a friend suggested them a few weeks before my son arrived. They’re far more comfortable and practical than bulky pads. Pro tip: they can be a lifesaver during labor and a convenient choice for the journey to the hospital if your water hasn’t broken yet.

Extra Long Charging Cable

At some point during your labour and delivery, you’ll be reaching for your phone to take a picture or call family to share the good news. An extra-long charging cable will help you accomplish this while staying cozy in your (uncomfortable) hospital bed.

Wireless Headphones

“Alexa, play ‘Push It’ by Salt-N-Pepa”. Whether you’re into guided-hypno birthing meditations or need to hear “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor on extra loud, a pair of headphones are just what you need. Best-case scenario, you’ll be riding the epidural wave, living the high life, and even have time to binge-watch Netflix while your body gracefully handles the heavy lifting. Talk about hitting the labor jackpot!

Newborn Mitts

Your little newborn will have the world longest nails… ready to scratch and claw their way into your heart. Don’t skip throwing a pair of newborn mitts into your bag!


Cute? Affordable? Clean? No matter what your diaper preferences are, be sure to bring some along with you.

Newborn Sleeper

There’s a certain sentimental charm to the first tiny pajamas your child wears. I made it a tradition to dress both my kids in the same sleeper when I brought them home from the hospital. And that sleeper? It’s a keepsake I’ll cherish forever! It’s just a shame that newborn scent doesn’t linger.

Swaddle Blanket

This is another favourite of mine that I have also gifted to so many friends and family! Unlike your typical muslin swaddle, this one is super stretchy. It makes perfecting the baby burrito a little easier! This blanket was a staple and went everywhere with me. I even used it to wrap around the baby carrier. It’s so stretchy!

Changing Pad Cover

This isn’t your usual hospital bag item, but it’s a practical choice! A changing pad cover fits snugly into the hospital bassinets and doubles as an adorable backdrop for introducing your new bundle of joy in photos.

Get ready to welcome your little one with ease by adding all these essential items to your registry now – your future self will thank you! Click here to add/create your Amazon registry now.

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