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Toronto, Canada

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Stylish and Compact: Swayin’ Away in the Nuna Leaf

Written by Jessi McAlpine

Five years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I baby-mooned in Paris. While we were there, of course, I hit the department stores for some fashionable maternity clothes and to check out the sleek baby gear that was available in Europe but had not yet made it to North America.

That is where I first saw—and fell in love with—the Nuna Leaf.

My family lives in a small Toronto house so when shopping for baby gear, I am both style and space-conscious. The Leaf is both of these things. A stark contrast from the bulky baby swings I typically see in stores. My husband suggested we buy one and ship it home. And here is one case where I will admit: I should have listened to my husband! I thought it would be too much of a hassle and too expensive to ship it so I declined and said we would try to see if we could get one at home. Sigh. I couldn’t. So now, five years later, baby number two has joined our family and I was thrilled that the Nuna Leaf is now available in Canada! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one (seriously, it was the top of my list for new baby gear I wanted).

Alice was born two weeks ago and the Leaf has been such a life saver. She will happily sway away while I get dressed, brush my teeth and pee alone!

Alice was born two weeks ago and the Leaf has been such a life saver. She will happily sit and sway away while I get dressed, brush my teeth and pee alone! One little push keeps the Leaf going for over two minutes. I love that I can put it anywhere and I don’t need to find a place to plug it in or check to see if batteries need replacing… and do I have the right batteries?… OMG what if I can’t find batteries?! If you do need it to go all on its own, Nuna also has an optional accessory called the Leaf Wind that will keep it swaying without the need to give it a push. (Older siblings also provide this valuable service gladly.)


It was super easy to set up my Leaf right out of the box. My almost-five-year-old actually did it for me. And speaking of the big kid, another reason I love the Leaf is because I don’t need to tell him to leave it alone. The Leaf has a weight limit of 60 kg (that’s over 130 lbs!) so unlike other rockers, bouncers and swings that seem to attract older siblings, you can let them sit in this one and it won’t break! It also means that the seat can grow with your child from baby swing, to toddler crash pad, to preschooler lounger. If I lose these last few pounds of baby weight maybe I can give it a go, I think a grown up version of this would be so comfy! It’s like a personal hammock.

Hold on, I might be onto something.

Wondering where you can get your very own Nuna Leaf? Thought so. Find a store near you here.

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Nyssa Krevenky

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