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That Time I Tried To Get My 5 Year Old To Write A Blog Post

Written by Alanna Schiffer

Me: “Hey Android. Do you want to do me a favour?”

A: “Of course. What favour?”

Me: “Could you write a guest blog post for the PLN blog?”

A: “What’s a guess ball post?”

Me: “Blog post.”

A: “Is that a game?”

Me: “No, never mind. Hey Android, do you want to write a story?”

A: “Okay. About what?”

Me: “Oh, how about a story about all the things you’re doing now that school is over. Everything you’re doing now that it’s summer.”

A: “Like what?”

Me: “Like … you know. Swimming … arts and crafts … going to the Science Centre …”

A: “And going to Tim Horton’s and getting a sprinkle donut?”

Me: “Maybe … not that. But like. All the other fun stuff.”

A: “What should I write on?”

Me: “You can get a piece of paper. And then I’ll type it up and put it on the internet and other people can read it.”

A: “Who will read it?”

Me: “I don’t know. Parents of other kids. In Canada.”

A: “EVERYONE in Canada?”

Me: “No, almost certainly not everyone. We’re not that popular.”

A: “What about people in Mexico?”

Me: “I … I don’t know. Maybe.”

A: “Cuba?”

Me: “Can you just go get some paper?”

A: “I don’t have any paper.”

Me: “Oh my god, yes you do, you have SO much paper.”

A: “Can you find me a pen?”

Me: “No, you have SO many pens! Just go look for one. You will find one if you look.”

A: “How about I just tell you what to write?”

Me: “Well, the thing is, I have other stuff I need to do. So if you could do this at the same time, we could get both things done.”

A: “Nah, I don’t want to do that.”

Me: “But … it would be so cute. I could take a picture of the paper and post it. Wouldn’t that be cute?”

A: “Nah.”

Me: “But.”

A: “…”

Me: “Alright. What would you like to do while I do some work, then?”

A: “Watch Yo Gabba Gabba.”

Me: “… Okay. Sigh.”

A: “Yay!”

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.