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The Best Advice My Mom Gave Me

Written by Melissa Robertson
Sears Kids

When I was getting ready to have my first baby, my mom suggested that I join a Lamaze class. I thought it was a funny suggestion since I was very vocal about my plans not to have a natural birth. If I could have pre-ordered an epidural to be ready at the hospital entrance I would have.

“It’s not for your delivery. It’s so you will have friends after you have the baby,” she explained.

It was some of the best advice I have ever been given.

After the birth of our babies, my husband and I had a ready-made group of friends who were also being thrust into the responsibilities and challenges that come with being a new parent.

With tiny babies and the cold weather quickly approaching, we would often meet at the mall, coffee in hand. No matter where we would start, we would inevitably end up at Sears. We would go to drool over the beautiful baby furniture and bedding, but would inevitably find the season’s cutest styles at great prices. It’s like Wonderland for parents! Of course, once we were there we would inevitably need to replace the binky we forgot at home or get an extra outfit after a blow-out. We were happy to shop for toys to keep the babies happy so we could enjoy some much-needed adult interaction. Sears had everything we needed as new parents. It wasn’t only the things available for us to buy; Sears offered one of the only private breastfeeding areas and stroller friendly elevators that made shopping with our babes a breeze.

Sears offered one of the only private breastfeeding areas and stroller friendly elevators that made shopping with our babes a breeze.

Now when we shop, it is with a group of six-year-olds, but the destination remains the same. The kids love shopping the newest fashions and the coolest brands and we love the great prices. Sears has everything on their wish lists each year and with something for everyone.

The other day, I discovered that my six-year-old had ripped her new snow pants. That’s right. There might have been a single dusting of snow and my kid managed to rip a huge hole in them. Lucky for me I bought them at Sears. They offer a Lifetime Wear Out Warranty for their kids’ clothes from infant to size 18 and up to senior kid’s size six footwear. As long as my kid is still wearing the same size clothing or footwear, Sears will repair or replace them with the same or a similar item.

I know when I buy from Sears, I am buying both quality and the peace of mind that their clothes and footwear will last until they outgrow it. That’s something you can’t get anywhere.

Some things never change; I’m glad Sears is one of them.

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