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The Best Tips for Safely Buying and Selling in Mommy Trade Groups

Written by Grace Cross

I was nine months pregnant and anxiously looking at my nursery. We had everything… but a change table. I knew that I loved the idea of a place to change baby in the mornings—who am I kidding, those late nights—and I wanted to find something to match the wood in our room. Time was ticking.

My husband hopped on to Kijiji, and in 40 minutes, he finds the perfect change table that matches our crib set… for a fraction of the cost! It was only $7.00. Yeah, $7. In two hours of checking, I have this beautiful change table in my nursery. And that’s when I started joining Mommy Trade Groups and started saving tons of money.

From playsets to books, I’ve bought and sold safely online and you can, too.

How To Buy and Sell in a Mommy Trade Group Safely!

Mommy Trade Groups are a great way to save money, buy some great products for less and sell some of your gently used items. This is a perfect trading spot for both new and seasoned Moms alike. There are many Mommy groups out there where you can buy and sell your baby gear (just Google them in your area). Here is the scoop on where to find the best Mommy Groups, how to sell your stuff effectively, and most of all, how to stay safe!

Where Are the Best Mom Trade Groups Found?

Facebook is, by far, the best place to find buy and sell Mommy Groups across Canada. Expect to meet a lot of Moms, local businesses and find a lot of great stuff. From gently used clothing to full playground sets, there’s a lot of finds on Facebook. Join both local Mommy Groups and the Mommy Groups that are the closest to a major Canadian city near you. Just type in ‘Mom Buy and Sell’ and include your city or town that you live in. The top groups will come up in Facebook’s search engine! Be sure to join groups that are in areas that you regularly have access to. There are more people in big city groups, which means more options to buy and sell your items! However, it is a big Mommy Trade Group faux pas to say you go to the city to pick up or sell items and then cancel last minute. Choose mommy Groups that are readily accessible to you.

Moms across Canada love Varagesale! There are so many great deals that you can get for your family and why not treat yourself while you are at it? Just type in what you are looking for and your area and you will find some of the greatest finds near you!

Kijiji is a great place to buy and sell fast. You can also find Mom Trade Groups and Meet-ups. They can take place in school gyms or community centres and are a perfect place to buy, sell, relax and have some Mommy time. Many local Moms make friends and swap stories about the best bakery in town or where to get the best deals on toys.

Many Moms use eBay to sell their items. You can actually auction your items to the highest bidder! You could be selling to Moms all across the country. eBay is a great way to find rare finds like antique toys, children’s records and some other unique items.

Support Etsy Mom Groups! Etsy is my favorite place to find keepsakes. Get handcrafted items from Moms across Canada. You will not only have a one of a kind pair of booties or a hand crocheted blanket, but you will also be supporting local businesses and Mompreneurs.

Alternatively, you can find great finds at local Mom Trade Shows. For a small fee, you can buy a table and sell your stuff or enter a trade show as a guest to scope out all of the good finds. You can find these groups advertising on Facebook or in your local newspaper.

Selling Safely in Person and Online

Online safety is a big concern for parents. Always. We teach our children to keep safe online with their phones or devices, but this coveted advice goes for Moms, too.

Buying or Selling Online

When selling or buying a product online, make sure to meet in a public place (like a mall or cafe) during daylight hours. Bring a friend with you and a print out of what you are buying and selling.

A Safe Space to Meet

Secondly, many police stations across Canada have set up police monitored exchange stations that are available in city areas and some suburbs. These are public places where you can sell or buy your items safely. Speak to your local police station or call 311 to find out where these safe spaces are in your area.

How to Sell Your Stuff Successfully

Once you find the perfect Mommy trade group, it’s time to sell your stuff! To ensure that your items sell quickly, take quality photos of the item. If there are any problems, marks or missing pieces with your product, be sure to describe it and take a clear photo so potential buyers are aware of the damage. This weeds out people who would otherwise reject the item once they inspect it in person. It also shows that you have seller integrity, in case you sell more in the future.

List The Price

Be sure to list the price clearly. If you will not negotiate the price, make sure to put the price as non-negotiable. Price the product fairly. If you do not list your product at least 30% less than the original sales prices, buyers would rather put forth the extra cash and deal with the store, instead of you.

Be Descriptive!

Add a description and explain why your product is great. Be specific. Something as simple as “baby clothes” is not descriptive enough. Simply saying, “10 baby onesies, size 3m-6m” is going to get a lot more traction than just “baby clothes.”

Get it in Writing…

Get the price in writing! Make sure when a price is decided, you have the seller on Facebook agreeing to the terms in cash. Cash is easiest. If you are selling, be sure to have some change. Don’t hand over the items unless you have cash in hand.

Meet-Up Time Limits

Ensure the buyer can meet you within 48 hours of agreement of sale. The sooner the better. You want to sell this item fast. You don’t want to place a hold on the piece for too long. Those usually don’t go through.

Who do you choose to give your item to if multiple people have said they will buy it? You choose in order of the list of responses. First come, first serve. If the first person does not show up or decides not to buy the item, the second person should be notified immediately. This helps you avoid reposting multiple times to sell your item. Make it easy on yourself.

Buy the Best Stuff

As your child grows, you will want to get the latest stuff for less, obviously. Mommy Trade Groups are here to help. You can get that kid playground set for less. Or some great clothes for your child who just had a growth spurt. Old Thomas The Tank Engine toys? No problem! You will find so much in your local group.

Make sure to check that the price is fair! Ask the seller to meet you in a public place and take a friend or family member. Meet during the day, not at night, in a well-lit area. Have cash ready or be ready to do an email money transfer.

Make sure you can agree to the terms and conditions of the seller BEFORE you meet. Keep the message with you on hand in case there is any discrepancy.

Mommy Buy and Sell Groups are the best way to get great stuff for less or sell your stuff to a family who will love it like you did. As long as you go to the right groups and do it safely, you will be getting the best items for a fraction of the price. Plus, instead of buying new, you’re recycling old toys and clothes. Canadian Moms are spend-savvy, so Mommy Trade groups are the perfect way to buy, sell and save.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.