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Thinking Positive in Parenthood

Written by Julie Jensen
positive parenting

I feel like our lives hold two truths. One positive. One negative. The glass is both half full and half empty. But our own personal reality is based upon which truth we speak the most; both in our minds and off our lips.

Sometimes I have a hard time when people express the negatives in parenthood. Not because I don’t support or appreciate them expressing themselves. It’s just that often times they seem to associate labeling the negatives as real, whilst condemning those with a positive outlook as being fake. That is what bothers me.

This up and coming parenting trend to label the hard and ugly as being truthful and the simple and beautiful as being deceitful, is something I would love to help nip in the bud.

We are privileged to have our own realities. Our own parenthood. This is something that needs to be supported by us all. We need to carefully choose our words in a non-condemning nor patronizing manner to those who express their realities to us. It’s called listening. And it’s an art that all of us, myself included, would do well to continually develop throughout our lives. It is each parent’s right to choose which truth they wish to express.

For me, I have made it part of my parenthood mantra to think and express the positive. It’s not to say I don’t see the negative, nor express the negative at times. It’s just that I put forth great efforts to shift my focus on the positive truths when and wherever I can.

For me, I have made it part of my parenthood mantra to think and express the positive.

This has not come natural to me. My mind can soon veer dark if I am not pro-active in helping it see the light. This is may be why I practice thinking positive in parenthood so much. I know what it’s like to have a darkened mind as a teenager, and I want to show my children that they can pull out of it as I have. OF COURSE, I know, there are mental illness exceptions that are far more complex and require professional help to pull out of. But for me, allowing the negative thinking to take over has been what has placed me into some harry situations long past.

I have found such joy in parenting. More than I could have even have dreamed of prior to having these sweeties. And maybe it’s because I choose to think and express the positive. Mostly though, I think it’s because I have gratitude every single day that they are mine and I get to be theirs.

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