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Toronto, Canada

312 Adelaide Street West, Suite 301
Toronto, Ontario - M5V 1R2
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Turn Your Idle Car Into a Money Machine

Written by Pete McGovern

Share your car with Turo to start making money (and get a chance to win $500).

Meet the hottest new car sharing service on the block—it’s you!

You’ve probably gone through the pains of renting a car and it absolutely sucks. The long lines, the far-away rental centre, the fees, the lack of choice, THE PAPERWORK.

Turo is changing all of that, with your help, of course. They’re connecting users with each other and allowing you to pocket money from your car that’s just sitting around all day. By our calculation, that means you can be lending out your car that’s been parked in the garage for days and start having it pay for itself.

You can seriously make hundreds of dollars a month by letting people use your car (Turo estimates their average user could pull in $500 a month, to be specific).

To be honest though, while the money is nice, the real selling point is that the control is always in your hands. There’s no pressure to give up your car since Turo lets you can set your availability schedule and decline any request that comes in. That way, you’re never in trouble if there’s an emergency doctor’s appointment or last-minute sleepover across town.

So you could offer your car for booking once a month or every single day. Okay, but don’t go that extreme, you’re going to need it sometimes, right?

And before you worry, Turo makes sure that drivers are insured and over 21, so you don’t need to fret about teenagers joyriding in your Toyota (not that that’s really a thing to be worried about).

If you don’t have a car and you need to get some errands done or visit some relatives outside of your city (or wanna test out a luxury car and the dealership won’t let you back in), Turo is perfect for you too.

Turo really appears to be a paradise, without any of the waiting times, paperwork or membership fees you’d expect from renting a car. Turo is more like borrowing a car from a friend.

Even still, Turo might not be right for you. Maybe it’s just too much work to have to constantly take your car seats out of the back every time you want to book your car. That’s totally fine, this modern day sharing economy can be a little much sometimes. That said, we wouldn’t be sharing this with you if we didn’t actually believe that this was a good potential opportunity for you to get a side hustle of your own and pocket some easy cash every month.

Still with us? Don’t pump the brakes just yet, just for taking the time to hear about Turo, you’re eligible for a chance to win $500. Remember how we said Turo wanted to get you paid? We weren’t kidding.


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