How to Keep the Homeschool Momentum

We’re into the school year, and I’m struggling to stay on plan already. This year, I have two at my table, and I have to say it’s a little more structured, which is great, because last year we were already losing interest in book work.

How to Keep the Homeschool Momentum

Plan Ahead

You know the slump is coming, so plan something fun to do to change things up a bit. For instance, nothing changes things up like going on a field trip. Plan to go on one field trip a month, they don’t have to be expensive, maybe you go check out a different playground.

Change Your Environment

Whether this means doing school in a different room of your house, going outside or maybe going to the library. We have no formal school room in our house, but instead work at our dining room table or move to our kitchen island.

Change Your School Work

Instead of sticking to the curriculum that you thought about long and hard before ordering, and I’m not saying throw it all out! But maybe try throwing in a board game day. You can learn a lot from playing board games and it is a great way to practice learned skills.

Take a Day Off

We tend to stick to my husband’s work scheduled, while it’s a bit odd we homeschool like that too. We take Wednesdays off  but often do science on Saturdays. Throwing in a day off in the middle of the week can break things up and give everyone a break, even if you do make up for lost time on the weekend.
How do you work school days in your homeschool?

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Ashley Mullen

Ashley Mullen

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