A New Valentine’s Day Tradition to Stop the Disappointment

Once upon a time long ago it was Valentine’s Day. I had this incredible boyfriend who was soon to be my fiancé. We were deeply in love and both anticipated getting married later that year. I was so excited to spend Valentine’s Day with him and see what he had planned… Let’s just say it didn’t turn out as great and romantic as I had expected, and I felt a little let down.

Has this happened to you?

After we got married I conjured up an idea and presented it to my husband who said it sounded great. For Valentine’s Day and our anniversary, only 1 of us was in charge of what was happening; alternating turns every other year.

I can do whatever I desire that we do on my year, and him on his year. Only one person has full control over the day(s). Sometimes it’s been a movie and junk food in the basement after kids are in bed. Sometimes it’s a night out at a fancy restaurant with a sitter at the house. Time-wise it can be cheap and short, or long and expensive. It’s completely up to whoever’s turn it is. If you have a certain thing you would like to do together, you simply save it for your year. The date can be changed to better suit a schedule too. There’s no expectations or pressure, except from yourself on your year. You get to be totally off the hook and surprised on their year and in full creative control on yours. Because you’re only in charge every other year, the stress of these holidays seems to really dissipate. Every other year feels like a totally doable responsibility. And really, it is!

Honestly, I’m not sure which year I like more, his or mine. I love taking on a dream idea, making it reality, and surprising my husband with it. But, I also love sitting back and doing zip as my husband makes the day ever so special for us.

Valentine’s Day and our anniversary have turned into my favorite holiday by far. It’s been 7 years and I’ve never felt let down once. And hopefully, my husband hasn’t either!

Julie Jensen

Julie Jensen

Julie is a wife and mother of two little ones. She is a ranch-raised introvert and craver of the simple life. Writing is her passion. Faith is her anchor. And Country Best Blog is her blog.