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10 Ways to Get in Shape With Your Kids

Written by Melissa Robertson
dad playing with child at park

Tone up and trim down with your kids

Getting out of shape is fun. Drinking too many glasses of wine with girlfriends while stuffing your face with nachos supreme sounds like an ideal Saturday night. But, with swimsuit season around the corner, those indulgences may come back to haunt you.


So now it’s time to shed that winter weight. While spending hours at the gym would probably prove to be highly effective, most parents can’t afford to spare the money or the time to leave the house and their kids. In fact, most parents are lucky if they get five minutes of alone time in the bathroom. So PLN has come up with 10 ways you can get in shape with your kids, since chances are, you don’t have time to do it alone.

10. Swimming: Not only is swimming a great full body workout, but it also tires out kids and brings on the best naps ever. If you have a babe in arms, consider them the sweetest weight to carry close as you lunge, squat, or run to get a great workout. Check out this sling you can use in the pool.Older babies can also be put into floating seats which you can steer around as you swim.

10 ways to get in shape with your kids

9. Hiking:  Enjoy nature while out with your babe! Canada has some incredible conservation areas to explore with your little one. Toddlers will enjoy the fresh air and freedom of exploring the trails, while babywearing allows your little one to soak up some vitamin D and help you build up your core muscles.

10 ways to get in shape with your kids

8. YouTube: Just because you can’t leave the house doesn’t mean you aren’t able to get fit.  YouTube is a wonderful resource for some great workouts. You’ll want to stick to the ‘professional’ videos rather than amateur to make sure you don’t injure yourself. Try Bikini Body Mommy and follow along with Briana Christine.

7. Yoga: If anyone needs a mental break it’s a parent! Yoga is a great way to build up strength, tone muscles and let go of stress. Remember, when your child starts climbing all over you they are only making your workout more challenging.

6. Cleaning: There is nothing like a good power clean to work up a sweat and get rid of some pent-up aggression.. Plus, kids love to clean. Just pop some vinegar and warm water in a squirt bottle, give them a cloth and let them go to town. #winning

10 ways to get in shape with your kids

5. The park: The park is literally an outdoor gym for you and your kids. Climb up the ladder and get involved in that game of tag. Pump your legs on the swing or even use the time your kids are occupied to get some laps in around the park. Many newer playgrounds also have an area with outdoor exercise equipment.

4. Running: A jogging stroller will not only help you navigate our harsh Canadian terrain, it’s also a great way to start running with your babe. Download a free learn to run app like C25K. Older kids can even join in with you. Imagine running a 5K with your little ones? So fun!

3. Walk the dog: Not only will you help keep your pooch healthy, but you can teach your kids about responsible pet care. Taking a dog along when you hit the local conservation area can also help scare any creepy crawlies away.

2. Bike: Staying active is fun for the whole family with a bike. Smaller children can ride in a trailer behind your bike. The added weight will also make that workout even more challenging. Once your kids graduate to their own two-wheelers, take the family on an all-day bike trip!

10 ways to get in shape with your kids

1. Dance party: Start your own fun family tradition by dimming the lights, grabbing some glow sticks and jamming out. Pick an upbeat playlist on Spotify, YouTube or even grab a copy of Just Dance to use with your gaming system.

10 ways to get in shape with your kids

Keeping your body moving can not only make you feel and look better, but is also an amazing example for the next generation. So what do you think PLNers? Will you be getting your sweat on with your kids this spring?

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