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12 Things To Take Advantage Of While They’re Little

Written by Julie Jensen

Parenting a household of babies, infants, and toddlers can be challenging. They are needy. They are clingy. They are noisy. They are Messy. And they are simply the greatest!

Here is my list of 12 things I take full advantage of while my children are little:

#1 Talking and/or singing to myself in public

Am I really talking to that cart full of little cuties down the grocery isles? Strangers think so. I am either completely ignored as I belt out my out of tune lyrics. Or, I am looked upon with admiration as a fun mom. This only happens when you have little ones in tow. I started jabbering to myself while shopping solo once and an onslaught of sideways looks came my way.

#2 Giggles

Is there a better sound than a child’s laughter? Nope.

#3 Themed Halloween costumes

At some point, they will realize they have a choice in the matter. But today is not that day Goldilocks and Baby Bear.

#4 Snuggles

Intoxicating bliss. Truly.

#5 Maid service

What? Yes, I know they make a lot of messes. But oddly enough, they love chores! Clothes in the dryer, windows washed, check, and check.

#6 Compliments

“Well isn’t she beautiful!” “He’s so cute!” Why yes, kind person, yes they are. I assume these compliments will end someday, so I relish in them while they’re given.

#7 Belly fart noises

I don’t know who invented this, but I thank you for the joy it has created.

#8 Canceling plans.

“Sorry, I can’t make it I’ve got my kids,” sounds so much better than “I don’t to want to go.”

#9 Honing my drama skills.

I pretend talk on phones, roar like a dinosaur (do they even roar?), and play restaurant in full character. I also read aloud their storybooks with an array of unique accents on the daily. I’m totally the next Julia Roberts.

#10 Dancing with zero judgments

Enough said.

#11 Listening to my music on car trips

Of course I’m aware of what sort of messages are in the lyrics and am careful about that. But for now, I get to choose my jams and hear no complaints.

#12 Personal paparazzi and entourage

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be famous. Having little bodies come set up camp anywhere I am in the house including the bathroom has its perks. They follow me everywhere I go. I am their world’s center.

And they will forever be my whole world.

What would you add to the list?

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.