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Toronto, Canada

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Toronto, Ontario - M5V 1R2
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25 Ways to Choose a Baby Name Inspired by Canada

Written by Melissa Robertson

Searching for a unique name for your sweet babe-to-be? Take inspiration from your Canadian roots!

Expecting a new bundle of joy in 2018? Give your baby a name that is not only unique but reflects the amazing country that we live in. Canadian inspired names are as strong and individual as your baby-to-be. Take a look at the best of the best of Canadian baby names.

Name your babe after your favourite place

Adelaide–Torontonians take a lot of pride in their city and choosing a moniker that is both classic and reflective of their fair city is a cool move for Canadian parents.

Kensington–Is there any place in Toronto cooler than Kensington market? How about naming your little one after the hip Toronto neighbourhood? Gender neutral and patriotic? Yes, please!

Lawrence—An unique nod to a popular Toronto attraction or the beautiful St. Lawrence River, Lawrence is another classic example of a traditional name turning new and becoming modern and hip. Lawrence can even be shortened to Lawren for a cool spin on a traditional name.

Jasper—If the hustle and bustle of city streets aren’t your speed, why not consider the beauty of the rocky mountains in Jasper National Park? It’s a great old school name for the next generation.

Nova–Combine your love of the east coast with a super trendy unisex name for your little one.

Give your baby a cool edge with a French moniker

Brielle–This ultra-feminine name has the popular ‘elle’ ending in a unique and beautiful way.

Camille–This is a great example of a beautiful grown-up name that can be shortened to a super sweet ‘Cami’ perfect for a little girl.

Emeline–A great choice for parents who love the names Emma and Emily but want something slightly different that still works with the nickname ‘Em’.

Taliah—(Tah-lee-ah) A sophisticated name that could easily be shortened to Leah for a little girl or Tally for a little boy.

Coco–A perfect moniker for a budding fashionista. This name is a popular choice in France as a nod to the famous fashion house Coco Chanel.

Noelle—A wonderful way to celebrate a holiday baby all year round in a beautiful and feminine way.

Noel–A good option for parents who love the idea of the name Noah without the popularity. A perfect choice for a baby born around the holidays.

Simone—Simple and sophisticated, this feminized version of Simon marries good taste and beauty.

Beau—French for handsome, this cute little moniker is a great option for your little man.

Tristan–I don’t know what makes me love this name more, the movie Stardust or the medieval legend of Tristan and Isolde. Either way, it’s a beautiful name for your leading man.

Dax—named after a town in France, Dax is a great example of a powerful name, and in the trend an ‘x’ at the end of male names.

Celebrate our nation’s roots with an Indigenous name

Chayton–Make your little boy stand out with this unique name that means falcon. Interesting enough to make a statement but still easy to spell and pronounce!

Dakota–Perfect for your little boy or girl, Dakota translates to friend or ally and is a perfect choice for a modern unisex name.

Elan—If you like the vibe of Ethan but don’t want your son to be one of five in his kindergarten class Elan, meaning friendly, is a great option.

Kanti—With a name that means ‘sings’ how could your babe-to-be not turn out to be a little songbird?

Winona—What better way to celebrate your first born than a name that means first-born daughter?

Celebrate your love for the west of Canada

Nash–A popular option from the trend of using surnames as first names, Nash’s original name was for someone living ‘near the ash tree’. Today it loosely translates to having an awesome name.

Ryder—Seriously could you choose a cooler name for your little boy or girl to be? Originally derived from rider or knight, this atypical name is still one of the best-kept secrets.

Autumn–Who doesn’t LOVE the fall? Celebrate everything pumpkin spiced with a name that will conjure up all the feels of apple picking and crisp fall air.

Braelyn—This unisex option can be feminized to “Braelynn” or shortened to Brae. Super cool and not overdone, it’s a great option for your babe-to-be.

Hunter–This is a super cool option for your little cowboy or cowgirl. Unique but still an option that your baby-to-be won’t have to spell for everyone for the rest of their lives.

So what do you think PLNers? Are you feeling inspired to name your little one after your home and native land? Let us know in the comments your favourite pick or if you have another suggestion to show your love for Canada.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.