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5 Prenatal Tips to Live By

Written by Natalya Sebastian

1. Pick up the Phone.

Never hesitate to call your healthcare provider. If it’s worrying you it’s worth checking out. Trust your new Mother’s instinct and although everything is likely to be just fine hearing so from your doctor is worth the hour of sitting in the waiting room.

2. Be a Fit Momma.

Nine to Ten months is a long time not to workout.
I know you feel nauseated in the 1st trimester and the thought of working out is less than appealing. Then in the 2nd trimester you’re starting to feel too big to workout full force and by the 3rd lifting your arms over head or doing a short set of stairs feels like a Herculean feat. Physical activity however, is strongly recommended for normal pregnancies. It often helps with nausea, aids in balancing your hormones, invigorates you, and the benefits to your baby are endless. So be sure to stay active!

3. Ditch the Stilettos.

Call me boring and old-fashioned, but pregnant Mommies in high heels looks ridiculous. Just Google “Kim Kardashian high heels pregnant” and my case is closed. As a woman’s uterus grows your center of gravity changes, which has all sorts of effects on your posture and balance. Be nice to yourself. Go buy a dazzling pair of flat ballet slippers (spring/fall), strappy goddess sandals (summer) or riding boots (winter). Take it from my eccentric, elderly neighbour who said to me, “There is nothing sexier than a barefoot pregnant woman.”

4. Self Love.

Pamper yourself. If ever you need to take good care of your body it is now. Get regular prenatal massage therapy, acupuncture, and other healing modalities that you find relaxing and restorative. Exercise daily no matter how simple the routine may feel. It is contributing to keeping you fit, mobile and your back happy and healthy. Love your curves. Love your belly. And be sure to slather it with Baby Belly Jelly.

5. Selective Hearing.

Keep One Ear Open and the Other Ear Closed. You will be shocked at how frequently people shell out advice, stories and commentary on your pregnancy. Take some of it and leave some of it. Forget the bad stuff people say like “say good-bye to your freedom, sleep and sanity,” and focus on the remarks like, “You are going to be the most amazing Mommy” or “Your delivery is going to be easy-peasy.” If you need a boost of confidence in less than 60 seconds think of the some of the dire situations in which women give birth and have children. If you’re reading this, chances are you have a pretty snazzy quality of life and health care. You will be just fine and so is your little bundle of baby joy.


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