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7 Great Teethers That Will Help Soothe Baby’s Gums

Written by Jennifer Traynor

Give your baby, and yourself, some relief from teething discomfort with the help of a good teether.

As a seasoned mother who has experienced the teething years I can tell you that the sound of your baby crying in pain from those chompers poking through their gums is heartbreaking…and ear-piercing. But have no fear, relief is not far away. All you need is something comforting for your little one to chew on. Here are some teether suggestions that you can use to help soothe your baby’s gums.

These soft silicone fish-shaped teethers from Nuby have different textures on them to stimulate and help soothe gums. Nuby also has this cute little safari loop teether that I happened to use with my children. It’s brightly coloured, has fun safari animals and a variety of textured surfaces for baby to chew on.

Another set of teethers I used with my little ones is this one from Bright Starts. They are filled with water so you can chill them in the fridge or freezer. The cold adds some extra comfort. It comes as a set of three, in different shapes and colours and are easy for little hands to grasp.

Munchkin’s Twisty Figure 8 teether features different colours, five multi-textured surfaces, is easy to grasp and baby can twist it around. This teether from The First Years features gentle vibrations to massage baby’s gums, a spinning rattle and is pediatrician approved. And this Mulberry teething ring from Chewbeads is made of silicone and easy to wash. It’s flexible and features different textures.

If you are looking to use some natural ingredients to help soothe baby’s gums while introducing them to solid food, this feeder from NatureBond also acts as a teether. Place pieces of fresh or frozen fruit or vegetables inside and let your little one chew away. Every component of the feeder can come apart to be easily cleaned.

It might require some trial and error but once you find the right teether for your baby you and your little one will hopefully get through the teething years unscathed.


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