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A Private Conversation Between New Dyson Owners + A Chance to Win One

Written by PLN Picks

For the first time ever, I vacuumed my apartment. Okay, that makes me sound like a bum. It’s not that I’ve never tidied the place up before. It’s just that I never thought buying a vacuum was worth it.

But then,  Dyson asked us to review two of their upright vacuums. I knew Dyson by reputation, so I was actually fairly interested to try it out. I got to test the Small Ball (designed for smaller spaces), while Kim, the project manager for CLB and who has a house on the edge of city, complete with three kids, was the perfect fit for the bigger DC 77 Dyson Cinetic. For obvious reasons, she was just a little more excited than I was.

We were planning to write all about our experiences during testing them out, with a follow up article afterwards about how we felt. Well, right after we got our vacuums, we just started texting each other about them. Seriously. I’ve never had a text conversation about vacuum cleaners before, but we got into it. Then, Kim had the bright idea of using our conversation AS THE REVIEW. She’s pretty smart, that one.

I’ll lay down some extra info and explanations after some fact checking after, but, here’s a look into a private conversation between two Dyson owners, all organized nicely thanks to our design team!
















I think it’s safe to say we both really like our new vacuums.

There are the technical reasons why Dysons are the best vacuums out there. The no-bags or filters feature along with their advanced cyclone technology gives you strong suction, it’s super easy to empty the bin, and you don’t need to keep buying replacement bags or filters like other vacuums. Dysons are super durable, are covered under warranty for up to five years, and there’s always someone at customer service or info on their website ready to help you if you need it.

For me, though, it’s all about the peace of mind, knowing I’ve got the best (and the feeling of pride I get when people see it and say, “You have a Dyson?!?). There are those certain things in life that are worth spending a little extra money on. Ask anyone who spent a little more on a good mattress for their bed if they’re happy to be sleeping on it. Ask anyone who spent a little extra money on really good shoes, if they’re happy to be walking around in them. Ask anyone with a Dyson if they’re happy to be keeping their homes clean with them, and you’re sure to get the same answer.

Worth every penny.

Congratulations to Deanna Petrie of New Waterford, NS! She has won a Dyson Upright Vacuum.


*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.