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Cranky Pregnant Outbursts and How I Keep Them in Check

Written by Julie Jensen
cranky pregnant

They always say, “If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.” While I do think this is the ultimate of wise advice… when you’re pregnant I don’t think it should apply. Nope. I’m pregnant and cranky and need that occasional outburst. And really, as a pregnant lady, I feel a bit entitled to this outburst.

Sometimes I just have a sudden anger inside me that needs to come out. Pregnancy can do funky stuff to you what with all the hormones that come with baby growing. Your emotions are at an 8-10 most of the time. You feel so much joy you cry tears of happiness. So much empathy you cry in the depths of sadness. So much anger you yell… then cry. Basically, right now I cry a lot. Feeling a little sorry for my husband? Well don’t, because he’s got this. He’s a strong guy, a manly man, and this is our third kid. He gets it. And he knows not to take anything I say personally. Yep, he’s strong enough to ignore my 300-word text messages on everything I’m mad about in the moment. From him putting away something that I now have to go through immense effort to pull out to use (He puts away stuff, who does that?!). And getting after him for buying exactly what I wrote on the list because I wrote the wrong thing.

There are many things I get mad at my husband for. Most of which make zero sense and I make up in my head because I am desperately trying to justify my anger. No, this is not all the time (Thank goodness!). Only sometimes when these little angry waves disrupt my brain and I need to get them out. But, I do still try to keep myself somewhat in check. My handy helper?


Yep. You can pretty much say whatever’s on your mind, even if it’s mean, if you use sarcasm (Note – you cannot convey sarcasm on social media). People don’t take you too seriously and you’re seen as kind of funny instead. Throw in a half smile while saying it and you’re golden. No after guilt because you’ve masked your tone enough. Of course, I do still say sorry a lot after my non-sarcastic cranky outbursts. Not that I’m really sorry. I’m just sorry that I’m not sorry because I know I really should be sorry. I don’t know maybe that’s just a Canadian thing…

Anyways. My husband is working with the Scouts tonight and our kids are sleeping, so I can’t even dart off to get a gas station chocolate bar right now. He is so selfish.

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