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The Smartest Financial Move You’ll Make in 60 Seconds + a Chance to Win $500

Written by Aneta Alaei

No matter how much money you make, how well you think you are saving for a rainy day, how well you budget your money, you are most likely a few bad turns of luck away from needing financial help.

As adults we are expected to have our shit in order, to have money to pay our bills, put a roof over our heads and have a little something-something left over to buy our kids the new pair of shoes they so desperately need.

I get that, and we all do our best to be on top of our responsibilities, but I can tell you from personal experience that all it takes is a few things to go not in our favour and the little nest egg we have been sitting on is gone, leaving us with empty pockets and needs that keep coming.

That is not a comfortable place to be, nor is it one that has to break us. There is no shame in needing help once in a while, heck even Sophie Trudeau is admitting she needs help. No need to hide in our sorrows and watch everything we worked so hard to build fall around us when there are options out there to help you get back on your feet.

Whether you are looking to pay off credit card debt, consolidate other high-interest debt, or make a major purchase Borrowell provides Canadians with low-interest personal loans, without all the waiting and steps as traditional lending establishments.

If you have time to read this post you for sure have the extra 60 seconds it takes to get a personalized loan quote.

Forget mustering up the courage to go over to the bank and admit that you need help, because we all know that admitting we need help is admitting we have a problem. No need to pack up the kids and cart them over only to be told that there is a process and you “may” hear back if you are approved. Stay in your pj’s, continue to let the kids watch Paw Patrol, and apply from the comfort of home, because it’s easier and faster, and we all need that.

If you have time to read this post you for sure have the extra 60 seconds it takes to get a personalized loan quote. You read that right, sixty seconds.

Next steps include answering security questions, providing proof of income and verifying your bank account details, which may take a day or so. That’s not important because Borrowell is doing their job while you are at home, possibly still in your pj’s, doing your job.

Curious on how Borrowell can provide low-interest loans to you? They work exclusively online using a “marketplace lending” model. When they save money on costs and complexity they pass all of the savings on to the borrower and returns to investors. It’s a win-win situation that benefits all those involved.

As an added bonus, if you take a loan with Borrowell now you will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card.* How can you resist?

Carrying a balance on your credit card? Looking for some additional funds? Head over to the Borrowell website and start the process now.

Chance to Win $500

Borrowell is already trying to help you out by giving you the opportunity to win $500. Share with friends and enter to win.

*To be eligible for the $100 gift card, you must apply for a Borrowell loan using the link in the email and your loan through Borrowell must have a funding date no later than July 14, 2016. After you make your first regular monthly payment to Borrowell, we will send the bonus. This offer cannot be claimed in combination with other Borrowell promotions.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.