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Your Maternity Leave Is Up. Now What?

Written by Julie Jensen
Successful business woman working at the office

Mothers have a big question to answer when their maternity leave is almost up.

Do I return to my job?

I won’t sugar coat this. It is a major decision. And it is a deeply personal one as well.

There are lots of mothers I know that work outside the home. I also know many who choose to stay at home. You know what all these women have in common? They are all great moms. I have wondered why this is so, seeing as there is such a variance of childcare with the two. This is my conclusion. These women have made the decision based on the needs and values of their own family.

There are many factors that play into this decision. Here are some things to consider when choosing which path is right for you:

Employment Enjoyment.

You love your children. Good. Now that that is settled. How have you felt being away from the social surrounding and special responsibilities that your job offered? Personalities vary. For some, it has been a delight to be hermiting at home. For others, it has been a drain to their spirits.


Obviously. Are there debts owing? Is the income needed to sustain your family? Are there expensive extras that you feel are of benefit to your family whether now or in the future?

Future Dreams/Goals.

There are a variety of visions one has for their family. What’s yours? Does it need a significant amount of financial supports in place to achieve? Does it require more time spent with your children?


Make a list of what values you want to instill in your children. To you, which path best suits these values?

Religious Beliefs.

If you are religious, there are resources that can be utilized in the decision-making process. Prayer is definitely one of them.


Sometimes we have to throw ourselves into the vast future and look back as if the decision has already been made. What regrets can you foresee if you went back to work? If you chose to stay at home?

Spouse’s Employment.

Is it stable? Is it sustainable for your family?

Spouse’s Thoughts.

We often feel that this decision is a solo one. But the weight need not be carried alone. Ask what his thoughts are.

Willing Sacrifices.

There are sacrifices to be made in either case. Whether it’s financial security, missing out on children’s milestones, or free surgical gloves. Make a list of the potential sacrifices on both sides and find those that you are willing to forgo.

Take the time to consider all the sides of the Rubik’s cube. The well-being of each family member, including you, should be sought after

Take the time to consider all the sides of the Rubik’s cube. The well-being of each family member, including you, should be sought after. As this is accomplished, you will be able to confidently finish this sentence with your decision:

I love my family, therefore _________________________________________________.

I wish you much luck in making the decision that’s right for your circumstance.


*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.