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Fun Toys That Will Make Kids Happy to Play Pretend

Written by Jennifer Traynor

There’s nothing quite as magical as the world of make believe. When you’re a kid and you are pretend playing you feel like you can do anything, am I right?

I love the role playing toys that Melissa & Doug has to offer. Children can dress up and become someone else for an afternoon of play or they can use life-like items to pretend they are partaking in any sort of everyday task, like cooking a meal.


My daughter loves to play dress-up. We have an assortment of costumes, dresses, tutus, capes and masks that she enjoys putting on and playing in. Dressing up is such a wonderful way for children to play and explore their personality. Melissa & Doug has a great variety of costumes that can be used for playing dress-up or even for Halloween, such as an astronaut, fire chief or train engineer.

Let’s Get Cooking!

Both my son and daughter really enjoy their play kitchen with pretend food, and I’ve been served quite the odd dish from time to time (don’t know if peas with cherry pie would be very appetizing in real life). Nonetheless, I love watching them mimic real life when they offer guests something to eat or drink. Melissa & Doug has some awesome kitchen toys to choose from, like this chef’s kitchen or this cook’s corner. Pair it up with some pretend food, like these four crates food groups, slice and bake wooden cookie set, pizza party set or sandwich making set to help serve up the fun!

Clean Up Time

My children have reached an age when they are old enough to help with chores, and one way to help them learn has been through toys. Melissa & Doug has some play sets to help make cleaning up fun, such as this broom and mop set or this cleaning caddy.

So if you are looking for some toys to help encourage your kid’s sense of imagination, why not pick one of these pretend play items and watch your child enjoy the magic of make believe.


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