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Eight Ways to Get Lucky This Holiday Season

Written by Melissa Robertson

The holiday season can be a stressful time for couples. Take the winter chill out of the air and warm things up between the sheets with our guide to making your partner very happy.

Does your lady seem to be wound a little tight during the holiday season? Does it seem like between decking the halls and trimming the tree your man isn’t giving you enough, ahem…attention? The good news is, you are not alone. Countless couples suffer from a dry spell around the holidays, but you can turn it around with our simple guide to getting in your other half’s good books. Simply put, the minute the Halloween candy goes 50 per cent off and the Christmas carols start on a constant loop, your stress level increases 1000 per cent. Here is our guide to making your partner feel better, so they will want to make you feel better.

Don’t be oblivious. Christmas shopping? Baking? Decorating? Those things are not done by magical elves! It is the reason your wife is on Amazon at midnight looking up the latest Barbie when your daughter throws you for a loop in a last minute letter to Santa. A stressed person barely has time to sleep, let alone get frisky with you. Take what you can off of your partner’s plate.

Don’t do a sh*&^y job. While it can be tempting to half-ass the Christmas list, don’t do it. Show your other half some love by putting up the Christmas lights (and taking them down before Easter!) without being asked. Have they taken on one cookie exchange too many? Grab some ready-made cookie dough and get baking.

Clean up the house. Nothing says sexy like an empty sink and a vacuumed rug. Seriously, we know you see the dishes in the sink or the fact that the kids smell like a wet dog. Take on as much as you can and they will be more than happy to help you out in return.

Hold her hand. The holidays are hectic but also romantic as hell. Take advantage of what you have to work with: snow falling softly, a roaring fire to snuggle up to under a blanket, even a lit up Christmas tree. Make sure that you are taking the time to hold their hand, kiss them properly, even a sweet hug for no reason.

Be cheesy. Cut the stress with a little bit of cheese. Throw on some Christmas carols and sing like the lovable nerd that you are. Throw on a solid Christmas classic like Love Actually or Christmas Vacation to get you both in a holiday mood.

Show them off. The holidays are often a time for good old fashioned office networking. Make sure your partner knows how wonderful you think they are by:

1) telling her
2) introducing her around. Show her how proud you are to have her by your side. Make sure she knows that she is truly your partner, in every sense of the word.

Buy her a good gift. ‘Christmas is not about gifts’, says every mother each year. You don’t know what she wants? Good thing I do. Here is the short list of what she likely wants to find under the tree:

Sentimental gift-This should be your go-to each year. Think of what she got for you for Father’s Day. That mug she hand painted and put the baby’s footprint on? Yeah. You are getting warm. Head over to the local paint your own pottery place. Or better yet, find a recordable ornament to put the picture of your baby with Santa in. The one you got when you lined up for hours with the kids to get by yourself, allowing your wife to get a break.

Time-out gift This is your backup/Mother’s Day plan. Think Spa gift card, theatre or concert tickets or a surprise weekend away. The kicker to this gift is, she doesn’t have to do anything for it. You arrange a sitter or stay with the kids. You book the hotel and figure out the details. This gift allows your wife to turn her brain off for a few hours.

The gift that keeps on giving Why not make sure to give her a little pick-me-up all year long? A gift of a subscription box can be a fun idea for your lady to get presents in the mail four times a year. I love Fab, Fit, Fun–but there are many options tailored to your lady’s individual tastes. Does she love tea? delivers three teas each month. Loot Crate, Geek Fuel and Loot Anime are perfect for gamers. Or just hit it out of the park with a monthly jewelry subscription from Emma and Chloe.

Wine When all else fails, simply say, ‘honey, why don’t you go have a bath and I will bring you a glass of wine.’ Bonus points if you fill the tub for her. Give her an hour to mindlessly watch Netflix, read, or simply not have to answer to anyone and you are sure to get wonderful returns.

So PLNers, did this list jingle your bells or what? Share this with your significant other to have a better holiday season and let us know in the comments what your favourite tip is or if there is anything else we should include!

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.