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Homeschooling Kicks Public School Butt

Written by Ashley Mullen

I’m a graduate of public school. I had every intention of raising public school students, even sent my oldest to public kindergarten. Then I realized: It wasn’t working. Did you know that homeschooling is growing as a way to educate your children? More and more families are choosing it over public or private schools. Official enrollment in Canadian home schools has grown by 29% in Canada*.



I can teach my children whatever I want, how I want. Ok, so there are some guidelines of what your child needs to learn each year in order to go the next grade level, to graduate. But for the most part, you are teaching them what you want, at your pace. At their pace. Plus you can teach the around their interests, for example, dinosaurs, you can find math, language arts, science, etc, all focused on dinosaurs.

Public School

Everyone is supposed to learn the exact same thing, at the exact same time. What happens if your child is a fast learner? They sit there, bored. If they are a slow learner? Often pushed along with the rest of them. For the most part, those in the middle set the “normal”.



Good luck, and best of wishes trying to find curriculum that isn’t religious, especially if you are looking for a box curriculum. People often to choose to homeschool because they wanted their child taught with regards to their religion.


Religion is just about stripped out of the public school system in every way now. No Easter or Christmas celebration, not even the commercial side of it.

I’m not happy with other pushing their religion on my children. I’m not homeschooling for religious reasons, other than to stay away from it.

Daily Grind


I’m not getting up at the crack of dawn rushing to make lunches, make sure homework got done and have everyone out the door by 8am. We rarely have had breakfast here come 8am, let alone anything else.

Public School

Fundraising every month. Paperwork. Parent volunteers. Public school requires a lot of parent hands on. Depending on your choose method of homeschooling, more than homeschooling does.

What side of the school fence do you land on: homeschool or public school?

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*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.