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How to Have Dozens of Great Books Right at Your Fingertips

Written by Jennifer Traynor

Don’t you just love a good book? I used to be quite the bookworm. I would get lost for hours in the pages of a novel, soaking in every character and every plot.

But ever since becoming a mom sitting down with a book has become a challenge. During the baby years if I found the time to read I was often too tired to focus on a few pages, let alone entire chapters. Or my other problem was trying to read with one hand. Balancing a book with a baby in my arms was tricky, especially when those little hands would grab at the pages. Having a Kindle e-reader definitely would have been helpful.

Sure, I’ve read many books in my six years of motherhood, but the majority of them have been children’s stories. It would be nice to sit down and read something for myself for a change. And while I enjoy the feel of a novel in my hands and flipping through the pages, sometimes it’s just not practical for me to carry around a big hardcover or paperback. My curious kids like to look at mommy’s books, sometimes not very carefully, hence some ripped pages or coloured-on book covers. The sort of thing that could be avoided if I had a Kindle.

Shopping for books is another problem. Gone are the days when I used to browse the bookstore for hours searching for the next set of stories I would get wrapped up in. But being able to browse for books in the comfort of my own home and have the ability to buy the latest titles right at my fingertips? Yep, that could all be possible if I had a Kindle.

All of these reason are why I wish I had the new Kindle Oasis. With its sleek, ultra-thin design, this handy e-reader is lightweight, making it easy to carry around. Plus, I could have many of my favourite titles all in one place. It would be like carrying my own personal library.

The large, high resolution display (the screen is seven inches) reads like real paper, but without glare, and features crisp, laser quality text. The adaptive front light will automatically adjust the brightness based on your surroundings, making it easier on the eyes.

Its ergonomic design allows the user to hold it with one hand, and whether you read with your left or right hand the device will automatically rotate the page orientation to match. You can easily flip pages by a simple touch of the screen or push of a button. It also saves at the last page you were reading so you never have to worry about forgetting where you left off.

Oh, and did I mention it’s waterproof? The Kindle Oasis is built to withstand getting splashed or submerged in water. So if you are reading while soaking in the tub or poolside while on vacation, don’t worry about your e-reader getting wet and ultimately unusable.

I think my favourite aspect of the Kindle Oasis — and there are many I haven’t even mentioned! — is its accessibility. With a Kindle Unlimited subscription you have access to millions of titles, including free books in the public domain, as well as free book samples to help you decide before purchasing. And the prices of books are all quite affordable at $10 or less. With the free Kindle app, you can switch to continue reading on any device without losing your place.

Here’s hoping I find the Kindle Oasis wrapped under the tree for me this Christmas. I guess I better make sure I made it onto Santa’s nice list.


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