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How to Let Your Child’s Creative Imagination Take Shape

Written by Jennifer Traynor

Discover a world of endless creative possibilities with soft, squishy, colourful dough.

Ah, Play-doh. A play item that parents will either love or hate (or perhaps you’re like me and it’s a little bit of both). Sure, it can be annoying when you find little bits of it stuck on your carpet or when your child decides to stick a chunk of it in little crevices of other toys, but when you consider it carefully, Play-Doh can be a very wonderful toy for your child to have fun and get creative with. Despite the fact that Play-Doh can be a bit messy, I do enjoy playing along with my kids and making fun creations with them.

There are many benefits of using Play-Doh, such as: helping to develop fine motor skills, providing a great source for sensory play, strengthening and improving dexterity in hands and fingers, helping to develop hand-eye coordination, can be a calming and soothing activity and helping with social skills.

Here are 10 awesome sets that Play-Doh has to offer:

Play-Doh Starter Set: A great beginner set that includes four different colours and nine classic tools.

Play-Doh Sparkle Compound Set: Another good choice for a starter set. It comes with six sparkly colours and two shape cutters.

Play-Doh Ultimate Creativity Tub: This set comes with 20 accessories for making shapes, five colours and a storage container.

Play-Doh Toolin’ Around Set: Features seven colours, a multi-tool, scissors, roller, molds and more.

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Shape & Slice: Your little one can pretend to be a chef with this set, which includes cutting board, bowl, plate, cutlery, six colours and more.

Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill Set: Let your child play dentist with this set, which allows them make silly Play-Doh teeth by using a tooth mold. Also features a drill, toothbrush, tweezers and more.

Play-Doh Cake Party: Create cakes so imaginative you’ll wish to have them for your next birthday party. This set includes five cutters, a decorating tool, plates, spatula and more.

Play-Doh Makin Mayhem: Get silly with Minions with this set that includes three Minion molds and six accessory plates.

Play-Doh 3-in-1 Town Centre Kit: Features three places for play: a restaurant, mechanic and flower shop. Comes with over 50 molds to make shapes and eight different colours.

Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio: Bring creations to life through the Play-Doh Touch app on your mobile device. This set includes five character stampers, five action stampers, 15 cutters, seven different colours and the shape to life studio.

So parents, do you join your children with making creations out of Play-Doh? Is your child’s favourite set on this list? Comment below.


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