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Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Written by Melissa Robertson

So this weekend is Father’s day. The day where we take the opportunity to thank all the wonderful dads out there for all their hard work throughout the year.

While many are totally on the ball with this one, having planned the perfect gift for both their partners and fathers long ago, there is that (large) population of people who are saying, ‘oh crap. I’m totally screwed’. Have no fear. Here at Parent Life Network we have compiled a list of perfect Father’s day gifts.

Have Time to DIY?


Grab a plain light coloured shirt and some fabric writers (both available at either Walmart or Michaels). From here you could do both your partner and your husband in one foul swoop. You can write ‘World’s Best Daddy hands down!’ and then add your child(ren)’s name and hand prints. This would also work well for a grandparent. Simple and easy.

Another variation on this idea is using a dark coloured shirt, some contact paper and some bleach. Trace and cut your children’s handprints out of contact paper and then stick onto the shirt. Using an empty spray bottle spray around the handprints. This will create a cool effect.

Do your little ones love cars? Instead of fabric paint, use fabric markers on a light shirt to create a road map and then invite dad to lay down and get a great massage from some car tires.


Grab a plain coffee mug and some sharpie markers to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for dad. Put in a cold oven and then bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

Have a toddler? Get some letter stickers to spell out daddy and grab some ceramic paint (Martha Stewart makes some) and let them go to town on a light coloured mug. Follow baking instructions on paint.


Grab an unfinished frame and let your toddler or big kid go to town decorating it. Put in your favourite dad and me shot inside.

Have three kids? Grab a wooden D and an A and have them spell out DAD. Print it out and put it in a photo collage.

Have your child draw a picture of themselves and their dad doing their favourite activity and have them write what it is. It will be funny when they are older and super cute framed on the wall.

Don’t be afraid to do the old handprint on a canvas. There are many variations of this and they are super cute keepsakes.


Does the dad in your life love food? Why not let your kids pick our dad’s favourite recipe and make it for him? It could be baked goods, breakfast, lunch or even a special dinner.

Does dad love to snack? Why not grab a special tin tub and make him a special bucket of party mix or a speciality popcorn? Wrap it up with a bow and he will be in heaven.


Have an adventurous dad? Tell him that you are taking him away. Pack a picnic and all of the necessities and take him to the beach for the day. Dad can snooze in the sand (pack his favourite book/music/IPAD) and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Don’t Have Time/Hate to DIY


Surprise dad with a new BBQ accessory and then he will be more than happy to man the grill. Check out your local home store for cool accessories to do everything from roasting chicken to making breakfast.

Why not give dad a reason to relax on the weekend and bring home a new hammock? Bonus that you can sneak in to use it too.

Does your dad love to hunt/fish/camp but you have no idea what they would like? Don’t stress. Pop a gift card into their lives and they can choose. Trust me, it’s easier on everybody.


Gift card to a local video game store. Your dad can score the latest game or get a great deal on a used game. Either way, you don’t need to decipher what they could possibly want in the store.

Really want to buy a gift and not a card? Usually, a new controller is a good bet. Also, you can always ask the associates what the latest game is. They are often knowledgeable and used to clueless partners needing lots of help (in my experience).


Pop into Costco and grab some movie passes. If it is for your partner, arrange for a babysitter in advance and take them on a date where they get to pick the movie. If it is your dad, take him out for some one on one bonding.

Search group buying sites (Groupon, Living Social) and look for fun experiences that would interest your dad. The best part is you can print your voucher right away.

Get dad tickets to a concert or sporting event. Print out the confirmation email, stick it in a homemade card and you are done. Make it even better by going in with all your siblings so you can all hang with dad and split the cost.

Do you have any tips on last-minute Father’s Day Gifts to add to this list?


*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.