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Passive-Aggressive Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

Written by Melissa Robertson

If you find yourself still not quite over your disappointing Mother’s day stash, this post is for you.

Father’s Day is a once a year celebration of the wonderful contributions made by the amazing, hands-on fathers who embody what it means to be a partner in every sense of the word.

Unfortunately, sometimes presenting a thoughtful, handmade, or generous gift can feel like rewarding poor behaviour. Especially if all you received for Mother’s Day was a reused birthday card. (This actually happened to someone I knew!)

So if you find yourself in this delicate position this Father’s day, why not consider an item from our list of passive aggressive options this year? You can celebrate their special day in the way they truly deserve.

Honest Onesies


Cute onesie? Check. Useful? Check? Slightly aggressive, but in a soothing colour? Check! Add some matching pairs of sunglasses and take some cute pictures while enjoying some family time for a fun memory for Father’s Day.

A Night Time Nudge

While this may not be the round of golf he requested, this is a sweet gift from an early reader paired with a handwritten message, or even a slight nudge for daddy to take over the nighttime reading routine to share this book with his little one.

Honest Threads

When you want to give a dose of honesty as well as some new duds, this one is for you.


The Perfect Mug

Fun for dads that love their caffeine in the morning. You can pair this mug with some of their favourite beans for a gentle reminder that they can do better each morning.


A Vacuum

Have you ever gotten an iron for Christmas? What about a new set of towels? (Okay, new towels are awesome, but still.) Maybe this is the year your partner would enjoy receiving your dream cleaning machine? Then he has a reason to pitch in because you wouldn’t dare use their ‘fancy vacuum’.


Gift Cards to take you on a date

Now, this is a great way to make Father’s Day an occasion you will both enjoy and appreciate. Arrange for a babysitter and then purchase gift cards for dinner or a movie. It will be a great break for both of you and an excuse to reconnect and appreciate your partnership without the pressures of parenthood. This is a great one to set up the night before the big day.

What you actually wanted for Mother’s Day

How many women have gotten a power tool from their partner? How about tickets to see their favourite band? You can take control of Father’s Day by planning the day how you would like to spend it. How about breakfast as a family and then a day at the zoo? A picnic at the beach and then ordering pizza for dinner. Just because you are celebrating your partner doesn’t mean you can’t spend the day in a way that will be fun for the whole family.

So PLNers, we hope that we gave you a good laugh and some ideas to surprise your partners with this year. If he is actually a great dad who deserves to be recognized this year, head over to our post of the cutest things to give a great dad this year.

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