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PLN Picks: Essential Items For Your Baby Registry

Written by Alanna Schiffer

When a baby joins your family, you generally get several months’ advance notice, and there’s a reason for that. It’s so you can create the perfect baby registry.

If you’re reading this blog, congratulations on your impending new arrival! Are you feeling nest-y yet? Even if it hasn’t hit you full swing, hopefully you’re enjoying this exciting period of expectation. You’re probably trying to decide which things you will definitely need for your baby, which things you MIGHT need, and which things you just really want. You’ve probably already browsed around in Amazon’s huge selection of baby items, but did you know you can create a baby registry on Amazon too? You can even make notes on items and mark your top picks as “Must Have” — then just share with friends and family. And of course, your loved ones can shop for you no matter where they are (take that, social distancing!).

But what exactly should go on your list?

We’re parents ourselves, so we have a few suggestions, and we also know a few thousand other parents (our PLN Facebook group is constantly coming up with new baby gear recommendations). Here are our picks — check them out and get inspired to create your own registry. Get Started HERE.

Already created your registry? Great. Simply click on the items below that you’d like to add, and like magic, there they are. Want to add them all at once? There’s a link for that: ADD THEM ALL.

Our favourite breast pump by far.
These Soothie Snuggles are cute and super practical for newborns.
An easy bottle starter kit.
You’re going to need breast pads.
A sterilizer streamlines cleaning and gives you peace of mind.
This bottle warmer is perfect for middle-of-the-night feeds.
Honestly, you can never have too many pacifiers.
Our #1 choice for convertible car seat.
Diapers make a great gift add-on, and they’re always welcome.
A diaper bag that holds everything, and looks great.
The sweetest decorative Dumbo crib comforter, in neutral colours.
A classic plush Mickey.
A Diaper Genie. Just trust us.
The best baby thermometer.
Shake, rattle and roll.
A stroller that is sturdy but not bulky.

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