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Things No One Tells You About Becoming a Mom

Written by Jessi McAlpine

Motherhood is life-altering and we aren’t always sure what to expect before it actually happens. It’s pretty incredible how much impact these tiny humans have on our lives. Good and bad.

You will be beyond tired.


Those all nighters you pulled at school writing papers have nothing on the level of sleep deprivation you experience with a newborn.

You will have a new relationship with coffee.


Even if you’ve always loved coffee, it’s different now. Coffee=survival. It’s the lifeblood of moms everywhere.

Your minimum threshold of acceptable personal hygiene will go down.


A little bit of spit up on your shoulder? Wipe it off. Toddler used your shirt to wipe their nose? No big deal. Haven’t showered today (or even yesterday)? Sometimes sleep wins out over a shower. That’s what baby wipes and ponytails are for right?

You will learn to use your time more efficiently than you ever thought possible.


You would have gotten so much more done pre-kids if you had known how to use your time like this! Moms have super powers for getting s*** done.

No matter how much of a Type-A planner you are, you will be forced to learn to go with the flow.


Your kids will be in charge of your schedule (no matter how many times you tell them otherwise) and will usually force you to alter your plans. And you will be okay with it. Really. Motherhood mellows even the most punctual people (myself included).

The new little person in your life will take over all of your thoughts.


When previously you would have been thinking about things you’d like to do, meals you’d like to eat, and clothes you’d like to buy for yourself, you will now still think about all of those things but for your kids, not yourself. Your wardrobe will suffer but you won’t care because you’re covered in snot and spit up anyways.

How much you you are going to love your kid.


I mean, you know you’re going to love your baby but the amount of love is just indescribable until they get here and it makes all of the above worth it. Sometimes I feel like my heart might explode when I look at my kid (especially when he’s sleeping). This is THE BEST.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.