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This New App Will Change How You Spend

Written by Pete McGovern

There’s a new prize in CLB for all the parents who want to start saving bigger and spending smarter.

If there is one absolute truth in life I know, it’s that I hate working out. I don’t have time for it, it’s always too cold to go running, it’s too expensive to get a gym membership—there’s always an excuse. Anyone who works, takes care of a family or does both knows exactly what I mean.

For the moment, I’m rocking my #dadbod (that’s a thing, right?) and absolutely owning it. I’m happy to give up some workout time if it means more time for the important stuff. Important stuff, in this case, meaning spending time with your kids and keeping your home in some general sense of order.

And while a part of me knows I probably should hit the gym, sometimes it’s nice to have an excuse not to go. “Oh, I’d love to work out, believe me, but—oh no, I have to make dinner. Guess I can’t go lifting now, darn.”

Some of the other stuff, though, I’m not quite as excited about giving up. And no, I don’t mean not getting to watch all of the hottest new dramas on TV or playing video games like I used to. I’m talking about the part where I may have blinked and all of a sudden my finances went from neatly organized to “we owe how much?!”

Have you ever read those stories about how chefs go home and don’t want to make fancy meals after cooking all day so most of them just eat cereal or sandwiches for dinner? I think that happened to me, because after searching for great deals all day for the great people of PLN, I just couldn’t motivate myself to think about saving money when I was at home. Now, bills were still getting paid (mostly on time), but I couldn’t invest or put away money the way I wanted to. All of sudden, that dream Disney vacation was looking further and further away. How am I gonna get my Space Mountain fix?

Enter Finfit, our newest partner to join Canada’s Luckiest Baby. Specifically, they’re offering you $500 towards your debt. If you’re like me, that would be a very welcome $500 to win (not that I’m allowed to enter, since I work here).

Believe me when I say that I was pushing for something like this to be added to Canada’s Luckiest Baby. I know how hard it can be to stay on top of all that financial stuff going on when you’re a parent and I was really hoping that we’d be able to connect with a brand who can help manage that spending.

Spending smarter and managing your money right is a lot easier said than done but unlike the VIP membership at my local gym, you’re going to get free exclusive early access to this app to help out, even if you don’t win. Whereas, if I was to tell my gym that I was with PLN, I would probably just get confused looks.

Once you’re on Finfit, make sure to check out their cool credit score features. I’ve checked my credit score plenty of times before, but I’ve never been able to actually simulate what it would be if I applied certain changes to my spending habits. I don’t know what Finfit is going to predict for my score, but I foresee that I’ll probably be using this feature on the regular.

If you’re like me and you’re at all concerned about your money, now you’ve got an option to help out right from your phone. So while you work out your spending, maybe I’ll start hitting the gym again and work out for real. Deal?

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.