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Tips for Successfully Spending the Evening or Night Away from your Child

Written by Ashley Mullen

You feel like the time has come to spend the night away from your baby, toddler or even school-aged child for the first time. It’s a huge moment, both exciting and terrifying at same time. How can you be more excited, less terrified and perhaps even enjoy yourself?

Spending the Evening or Night Away From Your Child

Know the Person Your Child Will be With

Whether you are leaving your child with a family member or friend make sure you are completely comfortable with them. If you aren’t comfortable with them, then you are not going to enjoy your time away.

I recommend having someone close to you and your child, someone they are familiar with.

Have Them Come to You

I know it can feel like a burden to ask someone else to watch your child sometimes, but it will help you and your child to have the person watching your child come to your house. Familiar surroundings will make it that much easier for your child to go to sleep.

Write it Down

Write down your evening (or whatever time of the day you’ll be away) routine. Kids of all ages function a lot better on a schedule, and when they know what is going to be happening next. Write down the normal meal time, bottle feedings, bed times. Include when baby typically wakes up through the night.

No matter how well you know a person or how often you may talk on the phone, write down your phone number (and the phone number of your partner, if applicable) in case of an emergency. Don’t forget a health card number and other medical information that may be needed.

Something With Your Smell

Snuggle with one of your baby’s blankets or child’s stuffed animals and leave it in their crib or bed. The smell of mom can be comforting, especially in the middle of the night when they have woken up for a midnight feeding or from a bad dream.

While it’s natural to feel nervous, these small preparations may help you feel a bit more comfortable, and allow for a successful and much needed break.

Wise Mamas: what do you do to make your night or evening away from your child(ren) easier?

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.