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Top 4 Reasons You’ll Love Your Baby’s Unisex Name

Written by Melissa Robertson
gender neutral names

Gender neutral names are modern, edgy and can help boost your baby’s future career.

The name you give your little bundle of joy can affect much more than whether they will be able to find personalized gear. In fact, the name you choose for your little one can directly affect their professional success, which is why many parents are picking gender neutral monikers, especially for their little girls. Check out the rundown on choosing an unisex moniker for your little one and why you may see more little girls named James in kindergarten classrooms in the near future.

It can enhance their professional careers

While not a new practice, choosing gender neutral names is a growing practice and can be especially beneficial to baby girls. In a study done by Clemson University, it was found that in fields traditionally dominated by men, women with gender neutral names such as Taylor or Sam, were three times as likely to become a judge. Many authors, both male and female, have chosen to use pseudonyms or their initials to escape gender bias. This would eliminate that need.

They can avoid judgement

Do you know that a simple introduction can create a unconscious judgement call?

According to a study by Columbia Business School, when you hear a person’s name for the first time, you will experience a subconscious pattern of judgements based on its associated gender. Even the names we traditionally choose for males or females tend to follow a simple vibration pattern. Many traditional male names are made by voicing ‘harder’ sounds such as Gregory or James and female names produce ‘softer’ vibrations such as Sarah or Heather.

Many parents like the idea of taking a traditionally masculine name and give it to their daughter. While this often is seen as a way for your child to have a strong persona, giving your son a feminine name could have the opposite effect. For example, while naming your daughter Noah is seen as edgy and modern, naming your son Mary could cause him embarrassment. So don’t forget to think this through.

Gendered names aren’t a promise

Sometimes names can start off as more popular for girls or boys and then skew one way or the other. For example, the names Leslie and Lindsay started off as traditional male names but are now more often associated with females. So why not pick the name you love, regardless of what gender it is generally associated with in the moment?

They are super cute

Who doesn’t want to cuddle a little Chaleigh? Or snuggle up to Quinn or Briar? Today’s parents want to show their child’s individuality and their own creativity with a name choice, and gender neutral is an increasingly popular way to go. Gender neutral names are also a way to take a traditional name and make it modern. For example, naming your son James or Blake may be a good traditional choice, but picking those names for your daughter makes it a more unique and modern choice.

So what are the best gender neutral names for 2018? Check out our top 25 best gender neutral names to find the perfect moniker for your little one.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.