Should I Stay or Should I Go? This Baby Monitor Will Give You the Answer

Soon-to-be parents may find buying a video baby monitor to be an extravagance, possibly even unnecessary. Surely a regular monitor and a good set of ears will suffice for hearing baby’s cries, right? But what about those other sounds? The murmurs, coos, gurgling or rustling noises that may take place. And if you add another child into the mix you have another challenge. A top-notch video baby monitor will let you know instantly what’s happening in the nursery.

If you’re looking for a reliable monitor that can eliminate some of the guesswork of whether your little one needs immediate attention, we suggest getting the Angelcare Baby Video Monitor with 5” Screen. This monitor has a reputation for providing high-quality audio and video, with a range of up to 820 feet. Parents who want to keep watch over more than one child at a time will find the split-screen feature to be particularly helpful since this monitor can be used with up to four cameras. Another attractive feature is the two-way communication. Being able to soothe your baby from a different room could prevent many trips to and from the nursery.

The camera can be either wall or tabletop mounted, has a wide-angle lens and digital zoom. It is also equipped with a room temperature display that changes colours — blue if the room is too cold and red if the room is too warm.

The LCD touchscreen not only allows you to visually monitor your little one but also displays a sound level indicator and alerts for low battery, out-of-range, and room temperature. A sensor will automatically switch the display to night vision when the room gets darker, giving parents a better visual of the room.

So expectant parents, when selecting this Angelcare video monitor rather than thinking of it as an extravagance, think of it as the baby item you never knew you needed.


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Jennifer Traynor

Jennifer Traynor

Jennifer Traynor is a mother of two kids living in the suburbs east of Toronto, Ontario. When she’s not working or spending time with her kids you can find her sitting in lotus pose on her yoga mat, sitting snuggled on the couch with her husband catching up on favourite shows or watching a movie or sitting with her laptop writing and editing her blog Mama @ Heart ( You can also like and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.