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25 Unisex Names Guaranteed to Make You Fall in Love

Written by Melissa Robertson
gender neutral names

Here’s our list of unisex names that should go to the top of your list whether you are expecting a boy or girl.

What’s in a name? A lot if you are choosing a gender neutral moniker for your little one. By forgoing traditional names or choosing them for the opposite gender, you are not only making your child stand out, you could also be setting them up for a brighter future. Check out our top PLN picks.

Quinn-With its Gaelic roots and meanings of wisdom, reason and intelligence both little boys and girls would be lucky to call this name their own.

Dakota- The name Dakota is believed to be derived from the Siouan word Dakotas, which translates to friends or allies.

Briar -While its English origin often conjures up images of Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty, Briar plus a strong male middle name is also a great option for boys.

Aubrey-This name is popular in celebrity culture as both Canadian rapper Drake’s real name, as well as Teen Mom 2 Star Chelsea De Boer’s (formerly Houska) daughter’s name.

Frankie-Another option made popular by a celebrity, (Drew Barrymore’s youngest daughter is called Frankie) this has been a popular nickname for both Francis and Francesca in recent history.

Gray-Although it began as a nickname or nod to one’s colouring, today it is more of a short form of Grayson or a short and sweet baby girl’s name. By choosing the American spelling it comes off as a distinction from the colour as well.

Hayden– A popular choice in Hollywood for both boys and girls: (i.e. Hayden Christensen and Hayden Panettiere) Canadian parents may also choose this name as the popular Canadian artist who records under the same name.

Jesse-Short and sweet! While on its own it is unique and familiar, Jesse is often a popular shortened version of Jessica.  Although there isn’t likely to be many Jesse’s in the class, they will not have to spell their name for everyone they meet.

Peyton-A great option for both genders. I love the femininity of Peyton, which was originally a surname used in Sussex, England but with football star Peyton Manning, it also has many masculine connotations.

River-Nature inspired names are also becoming more popular than ever with modern parents (See Winter, Briar, Aspen, and Bay). Not only does it bring an image of natural beauty to one’s mind, but also the strength. Actress Keri Russell has a son named River.

Ever-Actress Milla Jovovich has a daughter named Ever and Canadian musician Alanis Morrissette bestowed the moniker on her son. Besides the imagery of ‘ever after’ found in fairy tales, the name also represents longevity.

Taylor-Many gender neutral names are originally surnames and Taylor is no exception. From pop star Taylor Swift to teen heartthrob Taylor Lautner the name can easily apply to both genders.

Winter-Although new to the lineup of names inspired by seasons, Winter is a modern nod to the chilly season. A strong but beautiful name for either a boy or girl or an amazing middle name option as well. Socialite Nicole Ritchie’s first daughter is named Harlow Winter Kate Madden.

Sam-A popular nickname for both Samuel and Samantha, going by Sam allows a child gender anonymity while doing a task such as applying for a job. This is also a name that has stood the test of time and is still a modern favourite.

Aspen-Inspired by the poplar tree with heart shaped leaves, Aspen is both beautiful and strong.

Blake– The cool thing about the name Blake is that although it has a known English origin, it is not known if it originated from the word for black or dark or the word for pale. That being said, the name fits for both boys and girls, dark or fair so it really does double duty. Actress Blake Lively has really thrown the female version of the name into the spotlight.

Bay-Short and sweet, this name was thrust into the spotlight when it was used for a leading female role in “Switched at Birth”, yet its simplicity and strength would lend itself easily as a male name.

Brooklyn-This name can be feminized by changing the spelling to ‘Brooklynn’ or kept as is as a nod to the popular New York neighbourhood. Popular celebrities with this moniker include actress Brooklyn Decker and soccer player David Beckham’s son, Brooklyn Beckham.

Cameron-This classic choice is different without being trendy and could be shortened to ‘Cami’ for a more feminine nickname. Famous Camerons include actress Cameron Diaz and Director Cameron Crowe.

Casey– This is a super cute and cool name for a boy or girl. This adorable moniker has Celtic roots and means ‘brave’. It’s perfect for your little boy or girl!

Charlie-Once a nickname of Charles, Charlie can now standalone as a super cute name for either a boy or a girl. Some parents choose to change the name to “Charleigh” for a more feminine spelling.

Emerson– Although the popularity of Emerson is on the rise, it’s still low enough on the top baby name lists that you can feel secure your child won’t share the name with too many children in their classes, male or female. Emerson is believed to come from the term ‘Emry’s son’ and could easily be shortened to “Emmie” for a sweet nickname.

James is such a strong and traditional male name that it adds an edginess and definitely ups the cool factor for any little girl. You can always use the nickname “Jamie” for either gender. This is actually a strong middle name option, especially paired with a feminine first name such as ‘Maisy James’.

Rowan-This is yet another case of a surname becoming a unique gender neutral first name. Popular Rowans include Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) and Brooke Shields also has a daughter named Rowan.

Remi-Often a nickname for Remington which means ‘from the raven’ (super cool and manly) the name Remi can really standalone because it’s short and sweet but also unique.

So, what do you think, PLNers? Are you leaning towards a gender neutral name for your baby? Comment below and tell us which names and why!

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.