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5 Ways to Stay Stress-Free During Your Pregnancy

Written by Natalya Sebastian

There are countless changes to a woman’s body throughout her pregnancy. Swollen ankles, nausea, heartburn, worrying about the baby and confusion on what to eat. Every expectant mother needs a few surefire ways to unruffle her nesting feathers.

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture can be helpful for many conditions during pregnancy, from morning sickness to fatigue and it can even stimulate labour points to encourage a timely delivery. Most importantly acupuncture has had consistent positive results in helping manage fatigue and stress.

2. Music

Everyone’s heard the age-old adage: music soothes the savage beast (the savage beast in this case being you the glowing pregnancy goddess). Good news! Science backs up the notion that listening to music can decrease stress levels and even reduce emotional distress.

3. A little Hee-Haw

Laughter can defuse even the most challenging situations and feelings. Make a habit of reading the comic section, browse the humour tab on Pinterest and keep a funny girlfriend on speed dial to make light of even the toughest moments.

4. Massage

Carrying your little bundle of joy is more than likely weighing you down. Find an RMT who specializes in prenatal massage. Many massage therapists use a table with a donut cutout for your blossoming belly so you can actually lie on your tummy. Now that’s pregnancy bliss!

5. Sweat

Nearly every form of physical activity is stress busting. Exercise causes your endorphins (happy hormones) to surge, stress to literally melt away regulating your mood and giving you an energy boost. The benefits of being a fit and healthy Mommy are equally good for your baby. So get your sweat on!

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Photo credit: Tatiana Vdb

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