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Design Hack: Cool Rooms for Cool Kids

Written by Pete Munro
hand painted murals

I can’t wait to have kids so I can decorate their room with cool things again.

The problem with growing up is, all of a sudden everything you own stops being cool, and starts being “nice.”

My bed isn’t a race car. Although that would be cool. I have a gray, wood-grain, normal-ass bed to sleep in every night. I got it from Ikea. It’s “nice.”

I have some art hanging on the walls of my bedroom. Of course, there’s no The Never Ending Story poster, or a Corvette clock that makes engine noises every hour on the hour, or a solar system mobile that hangs from the ceiling and GLOWS IN THE DARK! Nope. I have a painting that blends horizontal lines of different earthy complimentary colours. It goes well with my boring bed.

You know what I definitely don’t have on the walls of my bedroom?


hand painted murals


hand painted murals

Orrrrrr EVEN THIS:

hand painted murals

When I do have kids, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m employing the services of our friends at Hand Painted Murals who pull off these amazing custom installations that can only be described as “COOL.” And also, as “Thank you SOOO MUCH, MOM AND DAD!”

hand painted murals


hand painted murals

Check out what they did for us in the Kid’s Room at the PLN office:

hand painted murals

Cool, right?!?

If you’re not down to have the walls actually painted, there’s a lineup of decals you can order and stick to the walls yourself. I may or may not have plans in place to turn my work office into “The Star Wars Room.” (It’s going to happen. Stay tuned.)

hand painted murals

Check out more of what Hand Painted Murals has to offer HERE and tell us what you think.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.