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Get a much needed break (and a great nap spot!) with the Fisher-Price® On-the-Go Baby Dome

Written by Kati Weber

If having a baby isn’t challenging enough, the summer months add in rising temperatures, bugs and an the necessity to always find shade. Our reviewer shares how she was able to find a product to help her get outside comfortably with her baby (and even eat a warm meal!) 

Thirty-two glorious minutes!  That’s how long I was able to spend in my backyard hands-free with my two-month-old baby chillin’ in his Fisher-Price® On-The-Go Baby Dome beside me.

As a new mom, I had been searching for a way to comfortably sit outside and enjoy the sunshine without my little one getting overheated or fussy, so naturally, I was interested in trying a product that could help me out.

From box to baby in minutes

Once I received the dome, it was out of the box, and easily set up in minutes. Right away, Jackson was captivated by the patterns on the toys overhead, and while he was getting his playtime in the dome, I was able to eat a sandwich with two hands (that’s right, TWO hands), catch up on my correspondence (ok, social media), and I was even able to write this article!

It was so comforting to know that my babe was getting UV protection and having a blast while I snuck in some mama self-care.

Find time for you

Dinner time with a young baby is challenging to say the least. Up until now, my hubby would usually bbq and then we’d take turns holding the baby while the other tried to eat in peace. Now, we pull the dome right up to the patio table and the two of us can enjoy some dinner together – at the same time!

Packing up the fun

With this hot weather, I’ve been totally craving time at the lake! This past weekend, I finally got the chance to go up to the cottage for a few days. So I folded up the dome and loaded up the car. I was relieved to discover that the dome was compact enough to fit in a very full vehicle.

No bugging the baby

If there are any guarantees about a long weekend up north, there will be plenty of games, some cool wildlife, and way too many bugs! I had worried that my outdoor time would be cut short this summer in an attempt to fend off the insects. But as soon as a little breeze started to blow over the lake, I popped the dome open on the deck and laid Jackson down in it.

He loved being outside and I was able to mix in some tummy time on the dome’s squishy mat. Its canopy above shielded him from those pesky mosquitos and he totally chilled out while I was able to finally dive into my summer read.

Mommy’s time out

But wait for it. Here’s the best part! One thing that surprised me about having an infant was how much he always hates being put down. My LO just wants to be cuddled all the time. (I’m sure that one day I’ll look back and miss these cuddly days, but for now, I’d give anything for him to easily go down for a nap on his own.) So later in the day, I slipped the toys off of the dome, sang a little lullabye, put him in a thin swaddle blanket and just like that he had a nice outdoor nap in the shade. It was amazing!

The light breeze through the trees created a natural white noise effect and the mesh sides of the dome allowed for just enough air circulation that he stayed comfy for a solid nap. 

Now I have found a way to enjoy the great outdoors with my baby. What could be better than warm weather and a happy baby and mama enjoying it together?

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.